How do You Discipline Your Own Kids?

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If you are in Texas, you better not spank your children or you might lose custody. Via Fox News: A Texas mom has been sentenced to probation and has lost custody of her children for spanking her daughter.

Rosalina Gonzáles of Corpus Christi pleaded guilty on Wednesday to Injury to a Child for swatting the 2-year-old on her buttocks. According to prosecutors, Gonzáles in December hit the girl with an open hand, leaving some red marks. Police arrested Gonzáles after the child’s grandmother reported the injuries and took the child to a hospital (no further information on the “injuries” suffered).

Gonzáles will serve five years probation, take parenting classes and follow guidelines laid out by Child Protective Services.

The ruling judge in the case made it clear that spanking is a crime. “You don’t spank children today,” Judge Jose Longoria is quoted as having said. “In the old days, maybe we got spanked, but there was a different quarrel. You don’t spank children.

Since when does the judge tell a parent they can’t spank their child? While I’m not a big advocate of spanking as discipline, you gotta admit there are times when it’s necessary.  As a young child, my mom spanked me when I went out by a pool without telling her.  She had a friend that lost a child who drowned in a pool.  Scared her to death when I did that and she wanted to make sure I got the message. And boy did I get it!
Just how much more of our lives and personal decisions are we going to keep losing to the Nanny Government?
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8 responses to “How do You Discipline Your Own Kids?

  1. Left/liberals want you to call the police on ’em instead.

  2. My ex who is from and lives in California… believes in a “hands off,” “free will” and “free choices” when it comes to disciplining our kids… one is 17 the other 15 now.

    Let’s just say her liberal experiment on the children has failed, miserably. Both are extremely lazy, generally do what they want and do not listen or follow simple directions. My son is so out of control, looks like he will not even finish high school.

    Her lack of providing boundaries and a structured life…. should be considered the worse form of child abuse, as they at this point are not contributing to society in any meaningful manner.

    Its a sad state of affairs as I do not see either of them turning a new leaf anytime soon.

  3. Don’t spank children today indeed. The thing is about days of old…we only had to be spanked once or twice. After that…we got the message. All my parents had to do was “LOOK” at me and that is all it took. We KNEW to help bring in the groceries when they pulled in the drive. We didn’t HAVE to be told. Now days…kids have absolutely NO RESPECT! My daughter has had so much trouble with my 12 year old grandson. She caught him making arrangements to have sex already for the first time.

    The government has messed them up and wants to keep them that way. That’s the problem. From what they are taught in school. and some parents teach right…others don’t and the ones that run wild…”peer pressure” and on and on. What do ya do??

    • I felt the need to come back on and say…that he didn’t get it from television either as my daughter never lets the kids watch uncensored television. She monitors everything they do!…or tries to!

  4. Lack of discipline + lack of punishment + mtv shows teaching the kids the most absurd values = to the society we are seeing now, the slut walks, etc… And everyone out there is offended by the tiger mom! But I bet her kids wont be going crazy any time soon! Children need discipline!!!

  5. As a mom to four who have turned out pretty well, I readily admit that all four received spankings. They were a last resort, however, after repeated scoldings and a time-out or two. Usually, just a thin green switch on top of the refrigerator worked wonders. That is what my mom and granny did, and it worked for me too!

  6. Not only did my parents swat me on the bottom with their hands, my dad, on a few occasions used a belt and my mom used a switch on my legs. More than once I came away with welts, but it taught me discipline and respect, which to this day I have not forgotten.

    I have also seen the result of non-discipline, when I was stationed in England the second time we were friends with another military family that lived in the same village we did. They had a little boy around 3-4 years old and the mother who said she had a degree in child development stated to my wife that she never says “NO” to her son, and I swear he was a little terror, but as long as he was in his own house destroying things we could have cared less.

    We made the mistake of inviting them over once for dinner and somehow he managed to break a plastic blender carafe and crush metal cake decorating tips when we were out the kitchen. Needless to say that when the parents did not offer to compensate us for the broken items, that was the end of the friendship right then and there.

  7. This is absolutely ridiculous! I am outraged to hear this mother went to jail for spanking her daughter and leaving a few red marks. I am a mother of two and both my children have been spanked and put in timeout. Every time I have spanked either child, they were told why, so both knew the behavior or action they were doing at that time was inappropriate and not tolerated and knew what the consequence was. Their is no law that states we cannot spank our children, and it seems to me Judge Longoria is making up the law as he goes.


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