How Did This Guy Get Elected?

Have you taken a look at the debt clock lately?  Our national debt is over $14.5 TRILLION.   Yet Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) believes we need to spend more money! 
“Right now we’ve got to get unemployment under control. If we got unemployment down to 7 percent, down to 5 percent, which is what it was in 2005, and 2007 rather before the recession hit, if we got it down to 5 percent, half the deficit would be eliminated just by that – half the deficit without cutting a nickel from the budget. So, we have to address the real problem. The real problem is we are not taxing properly.”
Nadler, “”When we talk about, ‘we’ve got a budget deficit crisis’ no we don’t. We have a tax crisis, we have a crisis that we’re not taxing properly and we have a recession and an unemployment crisis.”
Here’s his brilliant solution: “The way to get out of that unemployment crisis is to spend money on more food stamps and on aid to states and local governments so they don’t lay off people and on infrastructure so we can be competitive and put people to work and if we did that, unemployment would go down, tax receipts would go up and we’d be well on our way out of this so-called crisis.”
I am truly at a loss for words.  I’m sure you guys can come up with some good ones!

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That still shot looks like a police line up as so it should. Crooks,thieves and con artists.


He’s goin’ with what he knows in a crisis… unfortunately that’s destructive.

Dr. Eowyn

Wikipedia’s entry on Jerrold Nadler explains it all:
“He has been reelected with little serious competition in one of the most Democratic districts in the country; a Republican has not represented this district or its predecessors in over a century.”

Am I The Only One?
Am I The Only One?

Congressman, (Jabba The Hut), Nadler can say We Don’t Have A Deficit Problem because; He,(and most in government) have Never Had Real Jobs or have Ever Ran Anything Except: “Ran America Into Ruin!”
Real Deficit Problems Will Never Effect Any One In Government Because: “They Will Retire With ‘Golden’ Parachute Retirement Plans, Courtesy Of, ‘We The People’, That They,(Congress), Have Voted, To Give Themselves!”
“What A Country!”