How could you abandon your daughter?

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Liu was abandoned by her parents

Chinese school girl, 6, born covered in black hair

NY Daily News: A British photo agency has revealed the story of an adorable Chinese girl who was abandoned by her family because she was born covered with thick black fur, but later adopted by a distant relative.
Liu Jiangli, 6, was born with a rare condition that causes her to grow hair on more than 60% of her body, including the left side of her face and her left arm. Her condition was brought to light in a series of images taken by the Rex Features agency.
When she was two, the little girl’s family dropped her at a nursery in Guizhou province and never came back. The school took out ads in the newspaper pleading for the toddler’s relatives to come forward, and six months later, the grandfather of one of her cousins stepped up and took her in, according to the British media.
Liu Mingying, 48, said he wants to continue to send the girl to school, but he worries about name-calling and bullies, the photo agency reported. Other children have nicknamed the girl “the little monkey.”
It’s not clear what condition the little girl suffers from, though it appears related to Hypertrichosis – or “werewolf syndrome” – which leaves sufferers blanketed with thick patches of hair.
“It’s very itchy,” Liu told Rex Features about her patches of hair. “But it’s not painful.”
Liu is so precious! How could her parents abandon her at two years old? Thankfully Liu had a relative come forward to take care of her!

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  2. Sad to say, this darling little girl is one of the lucky ones because her parents, unlike millions of Chinese, actually chose NOT to abort her. Gendercide is rampant in China, as it is in India. But the Demonrats in Congress defeated a bill that would have banned sex-select or gender-based abortion in Amerika.

  3. She is so cute; I wonder if this disease is progressive or you pretty much stay with what you’re born with. The family in Mexico that has this disease is much worse as it covers just about all of them, but then, it’s Mexico, not China, so sociologically speaking much easier to deal with there.ús_Aceves

  4. EVERY little girl deserves a loving grandfather like that….
    little boys need unconditional love ,too

  5. What a depressing condition. I hope they can get the money to fix the problem. They could do laser hair removal which removes the hair completely to the roots and permanently.

  6. She is absolutely adorable. It is good to know that the parents have to answer to God, isn’t it? She reminds me of St. Margaret, who was a little girl thrown in a dungeon-like room because she was disfigured and crippled!

  7. Ya I don’t understand the mind set of some people. I think it was a year ago here in Oklahoma that a mother was shooting up her 14 year old daughter with crank and the daughter over dosed and died. Some things I can not wrap my head around…

  8. The little girl is getting treated by specialists at a Shanghai hospital. The grandfather of one of her cousins has come forth to care for her:

  9. How is little liu doing now? Whats the status of treatment ? Hope she is much better post surgery. Does she need more financial help for treatment? I am trying to find her present status but no news yet. Latest updates till 2012.


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