How cats say "I love you"

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The list:

  1. Flop on the floor and expose belly
  2. Purring
  3. Head bonks
  4. Scratching your chair
  5. Kneading
  6. Present butt to you
  7. Rubbing/marking you (to deposit the cat’s scent, thereby claiming ownership of you)
  8. Approaching you with tail held straight up
  9. Grooming/licking you
  10. Leave you gifts
  11. Sleep on you
  12. Meowing
  13. Love bites
  14. The slow bink
  15. Kissing you on mouth

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0 responses to “How cats say "I love you"

  1. Thanks. I didn’t know about some of these. My big boy is prolific at everything on the list.

  2. I may have skewed the poll results with that, but I care for a fairly large number of cats lol.

  3. My Kiki does everything but leave me gifts.

  4. I’ve had two cats in the past: one was Sgt Pepper, a ferocious ‘take no prisoners’ tom; the other was Batcat, so small, quiet and dozey as to almost not be there. Both were great in very different ways, but if I could have one back, I’d take my super scrapper Sgt Pepper!

  5. I rent a room and can’t have a cat. But I’ve had cats in the past. (Stay away from Siamese cats—they can be vicious!) I think cats are more intelligent than we give them credit for, and they want to be respected. Great video!

  6. My Norman does all of these. I even got a mouse Sunday morning. I was sure to say Thank You. I love my fur baby boy.

  7. My cats aren’t so big on the kisses,but are pretty good with the rest. I’ve had 2 or 3 that brought me mice,but it was a lot of work for them to do-they had to go clear down to the house at the end of the block to get ’em,play with ’em till they didn’t play anymore then bring ’em back to leave in front of my bedroom door. My dog brings me dog cookies and “buries” ’em in the sheet by my pillow. How can anyone NOT love these kids?.

  8. Luvs it! My kitties excel at most on the list. Especially sleeping on me 😊

  9. More… 🙂

    • Thanks, Anon! This video should be included in my post. These signs should be added to the list:
      16. Drools on you.
      17. Curls up/lies next to you.
      18. Misses you when you leave home.
      19. Waits at the door when you come home.

      • 20. “Kneads & grooms” your hair/sleeps in your hair like it’s a “kitten nest”
        21. “Smells your breath” (this is a “cat greeting” to familiar animals/people in his/her life orbit.)
        22. Climbs up and curls/lays across your shoulders… they are going to travel all day long with you like that……(NOT!)
        23. Waits at the gate for your car…and then hops into the car when you open the driveway gate, and “rides home” with you…..
        24. Sits in the doorway of your child’s bedroom when you move into a new place, and alerts you to dangers incessantly, until you get up and check out the problem (scorpions somehow carried in from outside, trying to get into the room…..).
        25. Cuddling on the end of your bed when your are sick….never moving until you are “better.”

  10. Dis be Jiss loike our li’l KIT de KAT…..aka felis bitchis and Lee Mee ‘Lone.

  11. Meow… just, meow.


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