How can this be happening? Mass shooting in California at “celebration of life” event

California has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation. This includes age restrictions, gun registration, limit on ammunition purchases and red flag laws.

Last year Governor Newsom signed into law an additional 15 new gun control laws. He said at the time: “Gun violence is an epidemic in this country, one that’s been inflamed by the inaction of politicians in Washington. While Washington has refused to act on even the most basic gun safety reforms, California is once again leading the nation in passing meaningful gun safety reforms.”

How’s that gun control working in California? Yesterday’s headline: 1 Killed and 5 Injured, Including 7-Year-Old Girl, in Shooting at California Family’s ‘Celebration of Life’ Party.”

Details from Yahoo:

“A shooter fired multiple rounds at a gathering of people at an apartment in Tulare, Calif. on Wednesday night, killing one and injuring five others, including a 7-year-old child, according to police.

Tulare Police Sgt. Ed Hinojosa said during a press conference that the suspect opened fire at a “party or some type of celebration of life going on for somebody who was buried today that was apparently involved in a car accident a few days ago.” He added that there were about 50 to 60 people present.

A 23-year-old man has died and five others were injured: two men, two women and the 7-year-old girl, police have confirmed. The girl was being treated for multiple gunshot wounds and had been transported to Valley Children’s Hospitals. As of Thursday morning, no updates on her condition have been provided. The police department did not immediately respond to a request to comment from TIME.

As mourners left the apartment, the shooter approached a group outside in a front driveway, and opened fire. “We were all dancing, listening to music and drinking and the only thing I remember is hearing one shot, and then after that we heard like 10 rounds,” an eyewitness told ABC7 News. “Then everyone dropped to the floor and then we just heard screaming. Then after that everyone ran inside.”

“There was blood everywhere,” another eyewitness told local newspaper The Visalia Times Delta.

Hinojosa said police arrived to a “chaotic” scene after receiving several calls around 10:30 p.m. reporting multiple gunshots fired. He did not elaborate on a description of the shooter, but speculated that the incident could be gang-related.”


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7 months ago

HOW can shootings be happening despite CA gun controls? B/C It’s California! Almost 33 years ago we were moving into our new home in CA in an area that was THEN almost totally rural in the Inland Empire….we are on a nearly 3/4 acre lot surrounded by 1-15 acre original “ranches.”… of the first of the home developments spawned by a frantic building boom in SoCal in places where people were willing to move to raise families but also put in commute time to distant jobs in the metro areas. THE very first day we moved in….we had to pass… Read more »

7 months ago

I’m just SO surprised that a Governor as wise and attentive to the trends of free society as California’s hasn’t yet noticed the pattern so plain to see that even CHILDREN can see it-MORE gun control=MORE gun crime,MORE guns on the streets,LESS gun crime. (sarc) EVERYWHERE you see rampant gun crime,you see STRICT gun control. Even I can connect THOSE dots-why can’t the Gun Grabbers? Because it has NOTING to do with gun safety,public safety or any of the rest of their pansy-a$$ed “reasons”. I believe America has been promised to the NWO,with the UN at the controls. But we… Read more »

7 months ago

I would guess they are CIA shooters or are given their guns by the CIA, or they’re just criminals, who don’t care about gun laws of course.