How Can This be Happening in 2011 America?

A young couple and their two children live in a house in Florida flooded with raw sewage. There’s even feces in the kitchen sink.
The reason? The parents are druggies.
Even animals don’t live like this. On the contrary, animals instinctively keep their nests/dens clean.
Please pray, pray, pray — for the children….

Florida’s or 10News reports, Sept 14, 2011:
Venice, Florida — A Sarasota County couple faces child cruelty charges after deputies found their family was living in a home filled with raw sewage.
Deputies went to the house on Tuesday to arrest Kristina Reilly, 26, on a petit theft warrant.  Inside the home, deputies noticed a strong smell of human waste.
Reilly and her boyfriend, 29-year-old James McArdle, told deputies there was a septic tank back up from at least five days earlier, but McArdle hadn’t gotten around to cleaning it up yet.
The result was about an inch of sewage in some rooms, and it saturating the carpeting in others.
Two young children were found in a room with a dirty mattress in the middle of the floor and the pillows covered in mildew. Deputies say they found a needle and spoon with drug residue in the master bedroom, as well as a bong in the living room.
Reilly’s arrest report further described the squalid living conditions:

“In the kitchen there was sewage backed up and half of the sink was filled with liquid waste. There was an infestation of ants and cockroaches all over the counters. The one usable bathroom within the home was also filled with sewage. The toilet was overflowed with feces and the shower floor was covered in human waste.”

According to the arrest report, McArdle said the family generally went to the bathroom in a bucket, which would then be dumped in a pool in the back yard.
In addition to Reilly’s petit theft warrant, she and McArdle are both charged with one count each of child cruelty.  McArdle also faces one count of possession of drug paraphernalia.
The children were removed from the home and are in the custody of the Department of Children and Families.

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8 years ago

This is truely a horrible situation. Now ask yourself, Why is America in Afghanistan? Could it be for the profits from opium and the conversion to herion? Prior to the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan less than 10% of the worlds heroin supply was coming from Afghanistan. NOW post invasion 97+% of the worlds heroin is from Afghanistan. ALL of it CIA run. Oliver North knew about ALL the CIA’s drug running operations taking place during the “Iran contra Scandall”. He just decided to turn states evidence in order to avoid going to prision. Now he is praised as a hero,… Read more »

8 years ago
Reply to  Metalchemist

The last word in my reply was ment to be “believe.”
Sorry my fat finger syndrome seems to be getting worse.

8 years ago

Well there went my appetite! I’m literally gagging on this story. Unbelievable! Who in the hell would live like that? Puuuuukkkeeee!

8 years ago

Aren’t there any concerned/nosey neighbors anymore? You’d think someone would’ve been aware that there were two young children living there and what about the smell eminating from the house? Or the fact that there was a cesspool in the backyard? See no evil, hear no evil….?

8 years ago

I stand corrected. I just watched the report (something I should’ve done before posting) and discovered neighbors did complain but authorities failed to intervene. Either way, it was a horrible situation.

Joseph E Fasciani
8 years ago

Although this should strictly be a “last best effort”, it’s time to remove the kids, then leave these two terminally stupid fools to die in their own filth. The property can revert to its owner or the county, and the kids will surely be better off in a minimal way. There is no pleasant, “acceptable” way out of something sunk this low.

8 years ago

No offense BUT. They were legal prior to the end of prohibition. Post prohibition is when drugs were made illegal to give the “G men” something to chase, revenue (tax money). It really seems like the decades long war on drugs has done a whole lotta good, That is except fill up the prisons, at the cost of the taxpayers $$$$, and teach those incarcerated more of the criminal trade. The supposed war on (CIA supplied) drugs will no longer be paid for with taxpayers $$$. The drug cartels will not be able to make billions on “illicit” drugs. The… Read more »

8 years ago

Dr. Eowyn, I agree, this should not be happening in our country. Since the neighbors did report what they saw, the “authorities” are taking a blind eye and lazy. This is similar to the Traci Duggard case – neighbors reported the abuse they saw too, but a serious investigation was never done. I would predict that these criminals are probably receiving welfare and other aid. It is too much work for them to clean up their filth! Lazy – sickening!