How Biden woos blue collar women

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What is wrong with VPOS* Joe Biden?

First, he put his hand on the thigh of a male trooper.

Next, he kissed a strange woman on the lips in a fair in Ohio.

Now, this is how the VPOS is “connecting” with blue collar voters in Ohio:

Here’s another shot of the VPOS and his lap-mate. Note the VPOS is not wearing his wedding ring:

H/t FOTM’s Kathy and Tom in NC.

VPOS = Vice Piece of Sht


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0 responses to “How Biden woos blue collar women

  1. Clinton got away with it didn’t he?

  2. If Romney or Ryan did this….. OVER!!!!!

  3. Joe Bidenopolis strikes again?

  4. If you look at everybodys eyes, right-side biker is clearly focused
    on which head he’s going to smash with an ice tea glass or napkin
    dispenser. Left-side biker isn’t looking at the charming couple.
    He’s eying his bud and saying over and over, “Dude, not now.
    Don’t do it. Not now. Awww sh!t man this is not good. Look at all
    the SS standin’ around. Man, just chill……chill…………chill.
    We’ll get him later.”

  5. Yuck!

  6. The mistake we make is giving these people credit for being intelligent..Most of our politicians have never been in business or contributed anything towards the better future of our country…

  7. Oh choke, puke, and hurl.




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