How bad is the homeless situation in LA County? The government is willing to pay people to put "homeless units" in their backyards

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According to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, in 2017 there were 57,794 people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles County. That was a 23% increase compared with the 2016 homeless count (46,874 homeless in 2016).
Local government agencies are trying to address the situation from several angles: placing social workers on subways(outreach to homeless riders), taxpayer money from two ballot measures(which still leaves an estimated $73-million annual shortfall in funding for the county’s comprehensive homelessness program), motel conversion and steamlining the approval process for homeless projects, among other things.
Now the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is considering paying property owners to put “units” for homeless people in their backyards. Seriously.
Gale Holland reports for the LA Times: “The county Board of Supervisors approved a $550,000 pilot program to build a handful of small backyard houses, or upgrade illegally converted garages, for homeowners who agree to host a homeless person or family. Then in February, Bloomberg Philanthropies awarded L.A. a $100,000 Mayor’s Challenge grant to study the feasibility of backyard homeless units within the city limits.
Rents under the county’s pilot program would be covered by low-income vouchers, with tenants contributing 30% of their incomes. The county is also sponsoring a design competition, streamlining permits and providing technical aid and financing options.”
Read the whole LA Times article here.
The appeal of backyard units is that they don’t “compromise the character” of neighborhoods, per the mayor’s office. The units would have plumbing and cooking facilities.
Apparently homeowners would be incentivized through tax payer dollars and feel like they are offering solutions to the homeless problem. “We were overwhelmed with the interest,” said Larry Newman, manager in the Economic and Housing Development Division of the county’s Community Development Commission.
I can only assume that any homeowner who does this will face an increase in their insurance premiums: Your liability coverage would need to increase if you participated in this program.
Also, I have a few other questions:

  • Who will pay for the background check of the homeowner’s new tenant(s)?
  • Will the homeowner be allowed to write off their “rental” expenses on their tax returns?
  • Will the increase in one’s home value (additional square footage/livable area by a new unit on the property) increase their property taxes?
  • Will the homeowner be personally responsible for any purposefully-inflicted injury that a homeless “tenant” may commit while on their property?
  • How many people on the county Board of Supervisors are going to put homeless units in their backyards?


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41 responses to “How bad is the homeless situation in LA County? The government is willing to pay people to put "homeless units" in their backyards

  1. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:
    California is so twisted. Now they want ordinary citizens to “host” homeless families. But the hovel has to have plumbing and cooking facilities. Who’s going to want to go to that expense for a tax break? How about this. Convert a vacant office building int a mass shelter where it could be managed by “the city”. Already in place and has all the facilities. Just thinking out of my backyard.

  2. Talk about insanity, this takes the cake. Start with Jerry Brown and the rest of official nuts with units in their yards! I will bet that you would never be able to evict them if they were a serious problem.

    • Dr. E. I’m sure the homeless appreciate your wonderful input -tent city with all the amenities included, just think how many homeless will vote for Clown Clooney or Lucifer Penn should they decide to run for the toilet seat!

    • Clooney ran from his home on Lake Como because the homeless were getting a little too close for him. He said the US was a safer place. I don’t see Hollywood participating, they talk the talk of talking YOU into doing this, not them. They are such hypocrites.

  3. We all know that state is going bankrupt so another way to vet the problem and fool people into thinking this is a fix. Who is going to call their insurance company and add it to the policy? the tax break will not off set that for sure. So how many people have signed up for this. They need to read the fine print never trust the government to be up front especially in that state.

    • I can probably think of a hundred automatic problems this would create. I assure you, once someone does this, they’re on their own. In fact, I’ll wager if one of their “guests” causes trouble for a neighbor or business they’ll be liable.
      Once upon a time we lived in Humboldt County in Northern California. Humboldt Bay had a jetty where they allowed homeless to stay. After about a year it was a health and crime hazard. Despite the county putting port-a-potties all over the place, they preferred to just do their business any old place in the sand. The smell was unbelievable.
      There are several reasons for people being homeless. A lot of the time these are not “normal” people. In another time, even in California, they would be in state run institutions. Now they just dump them on the street, or in resident’s back yards.

  4. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.
    Yes, once you commit to a new type of dog in your backyard – you are going to have a hard time ridding yourself of the government edict.
    How do you know who this person is?

  5. I would just imagine that NO ONE on the Board of Supervisors is going to actually put even one homeless person in their backyard! There is a reason in many, many of the instances where people are homeless . . . alcohol, drug addiction. Many of these individuals turn to thievery to support their habits. So the do-gooder home owner will be a prime target if he/she is unfortunate enough to take in someone with these proclivities. It amazes me how truly stupid the people in CA are. Can you just imagine the ire of neighbors around those who choose to bring these kinds of problems into an otherwise nice neighborhood? I should imagine that these kinds of installations for homeless will also erode the value of homes in the neighborhood, which for most people is a source of accumulating wealth for their old age. What a dumbo idea!

    • I just thought of something else . . . since these “small dwellings” are to be fitted with “electricity for cooking, and be plumbed for bathrooms. There will be significant changes to these backyards. Things will have to be dug up in order to run the sanitary piping to the sewer, also torn up to install the piping for fresh water. Once you have committed to this kind of project, you will have a noose around your neck. There is some city in CA, that has laws on the books that if you have a rental dwelling that is vacant–if you do not have it up and re-rented within a specific period of time . . . the city comes in rehabs it and gets it rented. Any one who is so foolish to go down this road, is foolish indeed!

      • There is also squatter’s right. Once you move the homeless into your backyard, they have “rights” and you’ll never be able to remove/evict them.

        • Dr Eowyn . . . Wow! That is certainly a point well taken.
          Another thing that came to mind; should you decide to move, not every buyer wants a “homeless shelter” in their back yard. Home owners who choose to participate in this program may in fact be slitting their own throats. Also, at some point, the government may come up with the idea, “hey, these homeowner’s have a money making situation on their property, we need to raise the taxes on their property.” There are so many downsides to this, I am left wondering how many dopes will take the city up on this gambit?

        • That’s exactly what I was thinking.

    • I think they should bus them all to Nancy Pelosi’s and Feinstein’s houses. They have plenty of room.

  6. Can’t they stay with George Clooney?

  7. Gee. Maybe they could build a wall to keep the homeless out. Ha-Ha-Ha
    @Auntie Lulu
    “I should imagine that these kinds of installations for homeless will also erode the value of homes in the neighborhood” – This comes under the heading ‘Our plan to create low cost housing’.
    If you pay people to be poor you end up with a lot of poor people.

  8. Actually, one idea came to me months ago. A long time friend ,a nice lady , came to live with us for a short time. She fell in the driveway and broke her ankle and after healing went to a seniors home. Luckily I obtained a full release from her upon moving in. However she had a son who had Asbergers, a form of autism. He lived for 10 years in a motor home he bought. He was able to work at a regular job. However over time he was not able to do the usual up keepup on the motorhome and it became a trash heap. His sister finally noticed and bought him a condo. They tried to sell the motorhome with no buyers even salvage.
    Many communities have open lots in industrial zones. Why not make RV lots and allow the mini homes to set up with power, water and sanitation. A very inexpensive housing alternative.

  9. Ya know-I was just waitin’ for a good excuse to move to Mexifornia,and they basically drop THIS one right in my lap! (sarc)

    • That could be a sort of “second career”. Just chase these commies all over the place embarrassing them. Set up encampments wherever they go. You could get a goat cart. Every time Nancy goes inside she could find goat pellets on her porch.

  10. I wonder just how, exactly, they’ll be able to ensure that only said “homeless person or family” will occupy the dwelling? Homeless people seem to be a social bunch; where there’s one, soon there will be many more. And what happens when the little “homeless house” becomes a drug den? Will the state take the property under civil asset forfeiture laws? (Short answer: YES.)
    This is one of the most stupid ideas EVER. I want to know why homelessness has gone up over 25% this past year??

    • Indeed. Maybe inviting too many Mexicans with no jobs for anyone could have something to do with it. So we pay these “thinkers” big money to say “hey, it’s your problem”?
      It’s a dumb idea. Who gets to clean up the used needles and broken whiskey bottles? Instead of crickets you can listen to breaking glass and muttering.

    • They’ll probably issue them ID cards that allow them to vote Democrat.

      • I’m pretty sure that’s a big part of their plan. I imagine some will show their “gratitude” by getting too high to vote…..

    • Yeah. they’re like Travelers (gypsies). It works better in groups. One or two to distract, the rest to steal. I understand that Amazon has created a whole new class of semi-employed that roams America staying in camp sites or on the street as available. Basically they don’t pay enough to eat and keep a roof over their heads so they go from place to place and the residents get to fund food stamps, medical and whatever else they need. Pretty sweet for Amazon. I guess that’s how one becomes a billionaire.

  11. Well, I guess it’s one way to deal with the astronomical property values out there.
    -That was sarcasm, btw.

  12. The homeless are now camping on school property in Seattle..

  13. Dang. I have 2- 12×14 barns, with lofts…in my 1/2 acre backyard (windows, skylights, flower boxes, solar exhaust fans and lighting ). I adjoin /am near LA County. Do you think I could eventully make enough money from the state guberment to pay off my mortgage if I rent these out to the homeless via state compensation? Very intriguging possibility. I feel like I should stop financing Jerry Brown’s California with my copious taxes, and start to benefit from what I can supply that would rake in some bucks for ME on the rebound.

    • Hell, go for it, sister. That $$’s going somewhere; may as well be in your pocket.
      (I’m so fed up today…I’m crunchier than I am salty, and that’s saying something.)

  14. What a great plan to increase break-ins, theft and murder in California.

    • Don’t know how much more we could do to entice break-ins, theft, murder, in California. Seems we are at maximum levels of enticement now ( lax laws/enforcement/no immigration enforcements/ no consequences for most things…no matter what)
      . I moved here in the1980’s into a THEN rurul/village area of Inland So. CA….I live on more than a half acre, as my neighbors, and those across the street live on an acre to five acres….. and, on the day we moved into our new home, there was a dead,bloated body at the end of our street awaiting identification, w/poiice tape around it. My parents flew in fr the East the next yr. for Christmas. We wanted to take them to the Mission San Luis Rey, and we pulled up to the then, primitiive parking lot….and there we saw a bloated dead body, with police tape around it……as we then went on to tour Mission San Luis Rey. I’d NEVER EVER seen anything like this–never ever seen a dead body on the street—- in the East from whence I came …..I’d NEVER EVER EVEN seen stray dogs or cats in the East, from whence I came…..I could not then, relate to HUMAN dead bodies, let alone stray cats or dogs……and yet , here they both were, in abundance…in my California home. People who don’t LIVE here dont’ KNOW how hard/evil/harsh it is everyday. They don’t know that the land of “laid back lving”means that you can throw out your child, your pet, your neighbor or spouse, your financial responsibilities, etc…so that the public ….ME…..has to take care of it all……..AND….I have BEEN THERE, DONE THAT for 30 years. I have NEVER gotten “used” to it. I am STILL ‘at it” b/c I am not yet able to retire. But, when I do retire, and my husband retires…we are OUT OF HERE big time….and back East to a less regulatory state, to a State that hangs out the “welome flag” to retirees…..with no state taxes.on retiree pensions …no taxes on home ownership to retirees and so on……THERE ARE STATES who fly the “WELCOME” flag to retirees…..”COME….spend your retirement money here…we WELCOME you & give you incentives to come here……….) AND IT IS NOT MEXIFORNIA.

      • “with no state taxes.on retiree pensions”
        I’ve said this to you twice before, and I repeat once again: California will tax your pension — and any income that originates in California, e.g., bank interest — no matter where you are.

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