How are you spending Christmas Eve day?

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You are most likely spending time with family and friends, or maybe doing some last-minute shopping.
Our soldiers serving in the sand box do not get a day off. They are under constant danger in fighting the Taliban. The video below shows U.S. Soldiers coming under fire from Taliban fighters and reacting with an immediate hail of suppressing fire to keep the enemies’ heads down. Once the firefight is won and the enemy breaks contact, the team does a break down of remaining ammo and supplies.
This footage is part of an ongoing documentary of the war in Afghanistan through raw combat footage.

Prayers for all our soldiers serving abroad during Christmas.
h/t The Blaze

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0 responses to “How are you spending Christmas Eve day?

  1. Hooah! (It’s an Army thing… Oorah! for Marines.)

  2. Lord protect these noble people.

  3. Dave is working his behind off.
    But at least he ain’t being shot at.
    LOL – Well, not yet, anyway.

  4. Please pray as our troops are under fire on Christmas! Taliban hate Christmas..

  5. Thank you DCG for this most important and incredible post. We pray for all of our military during the intentions of the Faithful at Mass. I have told Jesus that in case I do not mention these great heroes in my prayers to Him, to please bless them and protect them every single day, all of the time, because I do not always remember.
    I wonder what the little white dots are all over the place whilst the video is running. (Are they orbs? I would like to think they are angels protecting the soldiers.)


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