How are we to pay $ for a Renée Zellweger movie when she no longer looks like Renée Zellweger?

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I know movie actresses go under the knife for plastic surgery, but the objective is to enhance their appearance, not to look like an entirely different person.
Remember Renée Zellweger?
This is the cute, squinty-eyed, fresh-faced Renée Zellweger we know, in 2008:
Renee Zellweger 2008
This is the most recent photo of Renée Zellweger, 46, taken in London where she’s shooting scenes for the 3rd Bidget Jones movie, Bridget Jones’ Baby:
Renee Zellweger 2015
Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the two Zellwegers, just 7 years apart:
Renee Zellweger 2008 vs. 2015
It was last October when Zellweger shocked the world with her new look on the red carpet in Hollywood.
Renee Zellweger Oct. 2014
Zellweger dismissed the plastic surgery rumors as “silly,” insisting that she was only wearing a different makeup.
But her appearance on the Bridget Jones movie set reinforces surgeons’ belief that she has permanently altered her appearance with extensive plastic surgery.
Dr. Lyle Back, a New Jersey–based plastic surgeon who has not treated Zellweger said, “She clearly has had extensive work done. But the result is that she’s lost the look that America fell in love with. I see signs of a facelift that has made her face look much less puffy, less rectangular and less tomboyish. Now she’s not the girl that people identify with.” Back said he believes Zellweger also had a nose job and “has had some way overdone lip filler treatments and micro-needling facial treatments.”
While the surgeon feels the work she had done is of high quality, it could play a destructive role in her career. “The goal of plastic surgery is to make you look better — not unrecognizable,” he said. “Bridget Jones is gone forever.”
I recently discovered a sobering pic of Catherine Zeta Jones, who I’d always thought to be stunningly beautiful, before her nose job. Below is a side-by-side comparison. The pre-nose job Zeta Jones looks like a cheap floozy.
Catherine Zeta Jones before & after
Yet another reason we shouldn’t put these make-belief people on pedestals!

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0 responses to “How are we to pay $ for a Renée Zellweger movie when she no longer looks like Renée Zellweger?

  1. Ouch!

  2. I would guess those hot camera lights and heavy makeup really destroy the skin of the face quickly…it seems to me I see a lot of lines in very young actors and actresses. Wonder who she went to, because truly, she doesn’t look like Renee anymore…

  3. I have to concur. I think she made a huge mistake….prob had something to do with her other huge mistake: Kenny Chesney.

  4. If she instructed her surgeon to remove her essence, and age her 10 years, he did a fine job. Too bad she can’t go back to pretty.

    • “to remove her essence”
      I think that’s what disturbs me the most. Thank you, katrina, for pinpointing what is disquieting about the “after” Zellweger.

  5. How interesting, this past week I actually watched 2 of my renee zellweger DVDs of Bridget Jones’ Diary and New In Town and my husband and I were commenting on her appearance. She has truly changed, aged…not well. I think part of it is plastic surgery and I think another part is weight loss. She looked so cute and endearing with those chubby cheeks and squinty eyes and now she’s a skeleton with tight skin and all of those adorable features are gone…
    BJ3 won’t even have bridget jones in it but some disturbed looking facsimile thereof, maybe she should gain some weight like she did for the original movie…don’tcha know!

  6. Same thing happened to Jennifer Grey. Hollyweird makes you do crazy things.

  7. Seriously!? She’s 46 not 28 anymore. Who cares if she had surgery or not. I think she looks gorgeous, elegant even without makeup on a windy street. I had a friend who had eyelid surgery because her “cute, squinty eyes” of her youth began to droop and interfere with her vision. Renee Zellweger is aging, beautifully I may add, and you are a petty, sorry lot who admit her looks alone is what drives you to see her films.

    • you are a petty, sorry lot who admit her looks alone is what drives you to see her films.
      Where did you see that? While that doesn’t describe me, many people go to a movie because of a particular actor/actress, or else the movie studios wouldn’t pay “stars” million(s)-dollar salaries, but instead just hire all unknowns.
      I gather from your comment that you think it’s perfectly wonderful for a person to get plastic surgery, not for a medical reason, so s/he doesn’t even look like herself anymore. Kenny Rogers is the male counterpart of Zellweger. Seriously? I’m glad I’m not your friend or spouse or family member who’ll experience being with someone who looks completely different from their friend/spouse/family member. That’s simply too weird for words.

    • are you renee’s mother? only her mother would make comments like that

  8. Without reference to RZ and CZJ and in support of cheap floozies, many men with limited financial means are grateful for them, not being able to win the favor of expensive ones.

  9. well, ok–I never saw BJDiary, but looking at the pictures, I think she looks fine. I’d seen where she had gained a lot of weight, and she didn’t look so fine there. I’d say Catherine Zeta Jones (not a fan) looks better too. p.s. She also had her eyes worked on too.
    Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Lee Remick, Lauren Bacall where are you? The actresses now aren’t nearly as pretty (well, except for Megan Fox, Ann-Margaret and Bo Derick).
    Just goes to show, God does it best.

  10. You cannot “remove your essence” through physical alteration. Your essence is God given. It is so sad to see a site like this one stooping to picking on the way an actress looks. Why not post photos of yourselves and let the rest of us dissect your “essence”. Leave this kind of garbage where it belongs – to cheap shot gossip rag-blogs. This is beneath you, Dr. E. Shame on you, bully.

    • Why not post photos of yourselves and let the rest of us dissect your “essence”.
      Why should I? I didn’t undergo dangerous anesthesia for no medical reason to get plastic surgery so that I’m no longer recognizable.
      Shame on you, bully.
      The dictionary defines “bully” as “a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker. Please be so good as to explain how my posting about FACTS, namely, Zellweger’s before and after plastic surgery pictures, makes me a bully. Are you disputing those facts? If reporting facts is bullying, then all journalists are guilty of being bullies.

    • This may be “gossip” but it’s the truth. The woman has no doubt gone under the knife, that’s SOP in Hollyweird.
      As for posting our “essence”…afraid many of us can’t since we’ve received death threats. I don’t want the person who has personally threatened my life to be able to see my face so readily on this site.

  11. You could put any name under her picture and I would not know the difference. Sad that beautiful people aren’t content with what God has given them.

  12. What seems so sad is that Renee was not only really cute but she lost that sweet smile and most particularly that sparkle in her eyes!
    The eyes being the window to the soul.
    I wonder what her Hollywood “experiences” did to her soul, literally!


  14. Loved Renee in “Cold Mountain”.

  15. sixlittlerabbits

    Cher is another example. She has had so much Botox that her face has become “frozen” and her speech is affected. (Botox results in numb areas.)
    When you see a photo now, she looks like a Barbi doll. Her face lacks expression.


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