How America's schools handled firearms in 1956

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1956 firearms in the classroom
That was 58 years ago.
Now, if a kid even holds his hand like shooting a gun, or bites a cookie into the shape of a gun, or talks about guns, or wears an NRA t-shirt, or brings a souvenir shell-casing to school, or twirls a pencil, or plays with a toy gun in his home, he is sent to the principal’s office and could be expelled from school.
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8 responses to “How America's schools handled firearms in 1956

  1. Yup, what left/liberal progressives really hate about guns is that someone else has them.

  2. Libratard policies have made the world a horribly dangerous place. Talking about guns in schhool in the 50’s helped demystify and educate children about guns, not a bad thing at all. With understanding comes respect for the guns and how they can be used for good or bad.

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  5. I imagine the United States as a nation in which tax-paid schools will lose their creditation (I know that’s a word, maybe not a good one, but I learned it somewhere), for dumbing our children down to become obedient, willing slaves of those who achieved and maintain their power through falsehoods. Let me thank the good, hard-working, and intelligent teachers who struggle in thankless jobs to keep the ship of knowledge and reason afloat in difficult circumstances..

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  7. Chicago missed the message…

  8. Can ANYONE remember anyone in their childhood going into a School and shooting anyone? When I was in School (E. 60’s-mid 70’s),in MY home town almost every family had at least two guns-a deer rifle and a shotgun,and as soon as a kid was big enough to physically handle one or the other,or both,they started going hunting. By the time they were old enough to drive,they had their own guns to hunt with,as well as handguns in many cases. It was just part of growing up;I used to even go Duck hunting with the Principal of my School before class occasionally. It was uncommon to find a truck without a gun in the rack at the back window,or a car without a rifle or shotgun on the back seat.
    We need to look at those days,and see what’s changed from back then to now. I’m convinced it’s partly that Religion has been driven from the schools,partly that the economy has been so screwed up that BOTH parents have to work to keep the bills paid,leaving no TIME to raise their kids,partly that parents are no longer willing to live within their means,preferring to rack up more and more debt,making a dual income family not just a choice bit a MANDATORY necessity,partly because the schools now have the responsibility to do most of the child-rearing that SHOULD be the parents’ job,and partly that the schools have been politicized to teach the children the Liberal/Socialist mindset. THAT’S much of why the School (and other) mass shootings,teen suicides,extreme bullying and other acts of youth violence have become so horrifyingly commonplace. I believe until we can convert the Indoctrination System back to the Education System and flush the Socialist waste out of the Schools,it’ll be damned hard to get anything back on the right track.


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