House Votes to Defund NPR

and liberal heads explode

House Votes to Defund National Public Radio
The House of Representatives voted 228-192 on Thursday to deny federal funding to National Public Radio (NPR), stripping the radio network of any federal tax money despite opposition from Democrats. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.), would prohibit any federal grants, loans, or direct appropriations from going to NPR or its affiliates. The bill would also prohibit those affiliates from using federal funds to pay their dues or purchase content from NPR.
And liberal heads exploded…check out a few of these choice comments on Huffington Post:
“This is vindictive­ness by a bunch of overreachi­ng Republican­s. All this time wasted by a bunch of controllin­g, simple-min­ded little Republican dictators.”
“You Republican­s have more of an agenda in how you want to tell people how to live than any liberal could ever hope to come close to matching.”
“We need to unemploy the republican­s in the house who think NPR is worth less than the Wars we are fighting. No one should forget that these are the people that started our ride to ruin. If you are serious about America then you can’t be a republican because they don’t like America, they want to destroy it.”

“I mean if the republican­s get rid of, one of the few remaining impartial news companies, who does that benefit? Fox opinion(ca­lled news)? Think about this one folks, if we had a earthquake in california­, that led to a tsunami, which led to our nuclear power plants being in trouble much like in japan, if NPR was gone, then who would we get reliable news from?”
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It wouldn’t change my life if the entire Federal budget gets defunded.


this is just the begining commies-“How ya like er!” no more tax payers money for your communist agenda.