House Passes Revised Boehner Bill, Increasing Debt Ceiling by $900B

Rate this post reports Fri, July 29, 2011, 7 pm, that the Republican-controlled House passed legislation Friday night to prevent a threatened government default and bundled it off to a swift and certain defeat in the Senate. The House vote was 218-210, almost entirely along party lines.
The legislation would provide a quick $900 billion increase in U.S. borrowing authority — essential to allow the government to continue paying all its bills — along with $917 billion in cuts from federal spending.
It was rewritten hastily overnight to say that before any additional increase in the debt limit could take place, Congress must approve a balanced budget-amendment to the Constitution and send it to the states for ratification.
House Speaker John Boehner had been forced by conservative rebels in his own party to put off a scheduled vote 24 hours earlier.
But the change relating to the balanced budget amendment, a concession to tea party-backed conservatives and others, further alienated Democrats. And it diminished prospects of a compromise that can clear both houses and win Obama’s signature by next Tuesday’s deadline.
At the other end of the Capitol, Senate Democrats waited to reject the bill as swiftly as possible in a prelude to another attempt at compromise. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., had an alternative measure to cut spending by $2.2 trillion and raise the debt limit by $2.7 trillion, enough to meet Obama’s terms that it tide the Treasury over until 2013.
The White House called the bill a non-starter. “‘Amend the Constitution or default’ is a highly dangerous game to play,” said press secretary Jay Carney, and Democrats said they would scuttle it as soon as it arrived in the Senate.
The conservative Republican rebels in the House said they were more worried about stemming the nation’s steady rise of red ink. Rep. Jeff Landry, R-La., a, a first-term lawmaker, issued a statement saying his pressure had paid off.
“The American people have strongly renewed their November calls of bringing fiscal sanity to Washington. I am blessed to be a vehicle driving their wishes to fruition,” he said. “This plan is not a Washington deal but a real solution to fundamentally change the way Washington operates.”


Here is the list of the Repubs worth saving in 2012, as they voted against the Boehner debt-ceiling-increase (H/t beloved fellow Dave):
Fans of Allen West, please note that West is not on this list.
As Dave says it so well, the rest of Republicans who voted for a debt-ceiling increase can go to Hell, for all I care.

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0 responses to “House Passes Revised Boehner Bill, Increasing Debt Ceiling by $900B

  1. Obama won big today, as he now knows the compromise he has been counting on is now within his reach.
    The repubs have caved, and I don’t want to hear about obscure, “future” spending cuts that we all know WILL NEVER HAPPEN, nor the remote possibility of a BBA to the Constitution, which is not only a double-edged sword, but a live grenade the dems are hoping the repubs will jump all over.
    I just hope we can still retrieve the situation come November of 2012, but my hope is fading with each passing hour.

  2. Dave, Boehner caved he is bought and paid for,the thing I don’t quite get is yes,they have alot of money and by looking at charts,they have made alot in the last 3yrs. They live in a bubble,in D.C. but in the real world out here. There money doesn’t mean jack,at least to me it doesn’t. So,who is going to protect them. Especially against Americans that are really pissed,like the majority. They will be the first ones thrown under the bus and stomped.:)

  3. This both sucks and blows…
    So disappointed that West voted for this 🙁

  4. And the Demo-rats have now voted it down in favor of their own spend-o-rama which is much worse. 🙁


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