House Intelligence Committee votes to release 'explosive' FISA memo

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Update: Full FISA Memo released!!!
The New York Post reports that today, Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee voted to release the controversial FISA memo that has been described as so “shocking” and “explosive,” not only will officials in the U.S. intelligence “community” be fired, people will even go to jail.
News of the FISA memo spawned a social media campaign with the hashtag #ReleaseTheMemo.
Reportedly, the FISA memo says the Obama Administration’s FBI and Justice Department, using the bogus claim of Russian collusion, misused the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to gain the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court’s approval to conduct surveillance on then-candidate Donald Trump and his team.
The 99-page document, United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Memorandum Opinion and Order, that is said to be the background source of the FISA memo also details how the Obama Administration’s National Security Agency (NSA) conducted illegal surveillance and doxxing of American citizens.
The vote to release the memo comes after committee Republicans, led by chairman Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) pushed for its disclosure.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), a member of the House Intelligence Committee who opposes the release of the memo because the American people can’t understand it, said he and other Democrats on the committee voted against releasing the memo.
President Trump has urged that the FISA memo be released.
Not coincidentally, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, rumored to be named in the FISA memo, stepped down today, reportedly “under pressure from Director Christopher Wray”.
McCabe’s wife accepted cash, rumored to total $700,000, from a Super PAC connected to Terry McAuliffe, a longtime ally of the Clintons. McCabe will remain on the payroll using accrued time off until mid- March, when he maxes out his pension benefits. (New York Post)


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0 responses to “House Intelligence Committee votes to release 'explosive' FISA memo

  1. Reblogged this on Arlin Report.

  2. Trump really should read the “FISA memo” during the State of the Union address to get the details out to the masses.

    • greenworxx . . . . Now that would be a pretty good idea. Except that there are certain dillweeds that have advised the American people that they will not be in attendance. . . two for instance are that goofy cowboy hat wearing woman from Florida (I believe,) and of course Earl Blumenauer–Oregon’s commie representative, in addition to one or two others. I would love to see the look on each of their faces when the contents of this memo is revealed to them! Of course, no one will miss them, since they are rather useless in the first place, and that’s on their very best days!

      • Why should THAT be a problem? They’d only sleep through it if they were there anyway.

      • Conservative commentators, mostly betas themselves, generally give creeps like Earl credit for having good intentions while chasing impossibly utopian fantasies, while the reality, as Joseph Conrad at least saw, was that this sort of fake utopian no more gives a damn about the poor than Soros does.
        How is it not as obvious as the weakness tattooed on this latte cyclist’s face that his sort of progressivist leveling doesn’t mean uplifting the poor, etc, but rather enchaining his betters? Will Americans have to learn as the Russians did in the last century that these “coercive utopians” are, if anything, cowards under the skin whose chief trait given the power to exercise it is unspeakable cruelty.

  3. Congratulations to us the American people; we the schmucks who get to pay the bills finally get to see what our tax dollars have paid for. It chaps my hide to think that we were paying salaries to all these miscreants, and they are colluding with one another to fing-dingle We the peons by trying to subvert the rule of law in this land.
    I sent off a terse (to say the lease) email to Adam Schiff. Of course he was on tv news saying, “blah, blah, blah, the sky is going to fall because the American people are going to have access to the very names and activities of those who have been behind all this nefarious goings on, and for some length of time.
    I was so afraid that for some reason, due to the request of the DOJ, or FBI the request to # Release the Memo, would be abandoned. This truly is a great day for We the People, and for our great country.
    God Bless our President – Donald J Trump! May he live long, and preside over our country in righteousness.
    I do have some concern that it has come to light that about 18 Republicans have leaving the Congress at the end of their term in office. I certainly hope that this will not mean that the Dembo’s will rush in and rain on our parade! Perhaps enough Liberals will be enthralled with the pay bonuses’ and pay increases, etc. that they will see that Conservative ideals are really a good thing for them personally, and they will back Republican candidates running for office. One can only pray that such will be the case; although that may be taken as tongue in cheek . . . I can only suggest most fervently that we each petition the Heaven’s to bless us that our government continue to walk the road it is currently traveling.

  4. This is good news. This has been known for a long time but denied. Now they have to address it. There should be indictments.

  5. This Court Jester, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), rightly deserves to be known as a Sciffhead for his outrageous remarks in re the intelligence of we, the hoi polloi. at least we smart enough to know not to run and be subject to the public spotlight he now laments. However, insofar as ‘people will even go to jail.’ goes, I’m not holding my breath on, as it’s a forecast that no matter how many times published never came to past in my lifetime [75 yrs] except for a handful of people doing Nixon’s shenanigans over Watergate. Even then the most vile never did time, and some of the convicted were lambs who threw themselves on their swords [how’s that for a triply twisted metaphor?].

  6. Yes, and we also get to pay the retirement for filthy Andrew McCabe. If only they’d fired him a few weeks earlier. I’m so over our tax dollars going to this nightmarish mess from the DOJ and FBI, and tell me, just where the hell is Sessions? Where the hell is Wray? And why isn’t our Prez firing these bozos?

  7. Sessions is a goner, takes time though.

  8. Jill is smart. Arknacide is permanent.
    Many, many roads lead to the Clintons.
    Especially if your name is Vince.

  9. I think Schiff is protesting way too much. And for no democrat to vote to expose the memo is a career killer. They have much to hide. There are some nervous Nellies out there. I expect many to start dropping.
    As for Sessions, he was such a bulldog in his home state and a straight arrow guy, I have to wonder if he is working something big behind the scenes and playing it very close to the belly. In time. We shall see. A whole lot of indictments have been issued, who worked those? Maybe he is letting the Mueller investigation hang itself. Something is strange and we are not privy to it.

    • Glenn, I believe what you said about Jeff Sessions. President Trump chose him, and he already knew a lot about what he was up against. With all that has been going on in the last year, I don’t see President Trump allowing him to do nothing without him being fired. Christopher Wray was also hand picked, so I feel the same way about him. Someone has certainly been working, as there are now 13,605 sealed indictments out there, according to “Stormwatcher” on Twitter. He has been keeping up with this since around the end of October.
      If Mr. Sessions turns out to be a do-nothing sluggard after all, I will gladly be the first to admit I was wrong!☺

      • Sessions is part of what is now laughingly called “The Deep State”. That is treasonous scum by a more correct name. I have said before, and I’ll say it again, if Trump is serious he has to be smart enough to know that you cannot allow these weasels to continue in power if you want to accomplish something worthwhile.
        Sessions has been gate-keeping. The crooks he’s protecting feel comfortable as long as he’s there to run interference for them. We know enough about the Clintons and Obongo to put the whole sewer away for life. Nothing is being done about it.
        Obongo has been gone for over a year. Why do we still have fifth columnists in place? I personally don’t trust about a third of Trump’s staff. That doesn’t even include the Obongo hold overs that are obviously overdue for departure.

  10. Kevin J Lankford

    Still remains the possibility that the report will be so heavily redacted that we may not understand it….. Well, of course we all understand well enough, and have for a long time. Any how, just curious that mccabe’s major concern seems to be his ‘pension’.

    • The script says that this is important “new” information. It isn’t We’ve know about these things for a long time. Once its released the “slow roll” will begin. They will try to take YEARS to bring indictments. Ultimately, nothing will happen and it will turn into a giant puffball.

      • I agree, lophatt. it’s most likely too, too true that it will be made to fade away, the same as a true & substantial investigation of 9-11. All we were given were distractions and disinformation.

  11. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.
    It is sad that you have the Democrats in such a stupor that they can’t even think straight. This has been going on for over a year – since the election. We have a duly elected President Trump and just the fact they do not like him personally they feel they can impeach him for “NOTHING.” Following is why they are in such a muddle:
    The impeachment push, Nadler said in 1998, amounted to a “coup d’état,” a mangling of a misunderstood constitutional power. “The purpose of the impeachment provision was precisely, if you read the Federalist, to protect American liberty against the encroachments of a chief executive who would abuse his or her power to encroach upon liberty,” Nadler said in one floor speech.
    As we all know that the President was given this job because Obama and the Democrats were trying to turn our country into a Democrat muslim/commnist party. They lost because they were running the country under Obama’s lawless Sharia law rather than the CONSTITUTION.
    The Democrats want the Prez to rule under a lawless society – like during the Obama administration. We are now finding out just how lawless they were – especially the FBI, DOJ, Obama, Hillary Clinton, and all of the Dem Congressmen/women.
    We must put the country back under the Constitution.

    • The Democraps are doing what the Republithugs are doing, reading their lines. They don’t work for us. Never have. Their primary purpose is to convince as many as possible that they have a functional government. They don’t.
      If tomorrow their bosses (the Repug”s bosses too) give them orders and a new script they’d be slobbering all over Trump.. Don’t give them the satisfaction of knowing they’ve snookered you.

    • This is more of what Pelosi is famous for. She’s saying “it isn’t the American people’s right to know what’s going on. That’s THEIR job (Congress, ha!). When are we going to see the backside of these creeps?

  12. Note that Wall Street has created a “micro-crash” just before SOTU.
    Coincidence? I think not.
    If we had a functional SEC, they would look at who manipulated the markets today.
    Quite the diversion.
    In other matters, Trump should have a Representative read “the Memo” immediately after SOTU and during both D rebuttals 😉

    • Quick! Get those ankle-bracelets/orthopedic-boots on him!

    • Maryaha, I doubt very much he’s going to skip town, he’s under watch like the rest of them and if he does leave, he will be found and brought to justice because is not what has actually happened but what was done before.


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