House committee finds Obama's AG Eric Holder in contempt

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Today, at the end of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee’s hearing on “Fast & Furious,” the committee found U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt. The vote was 23-17, with 100% of the Republicans for it and 100% of the Democrats on the committee voting against it.
Sean Drury reports for Mauldin Patch that the contempt move is tied to Holder’s request on behalf of the Obama administration, to invoke Executive Privilege with regard to the release of documents related to the investigation of “Operation Fast and Furious.”
Fast and Furious was a program run by the The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) that saw the agency sell high-powered firearms to Mexican arms dealers and drug cartels. The goal of the program was to track the weapons and then link to criminal organizations in Mexico and the United States. The program began in 2006 during the Bush administration under the name of “Project Wide Receiver.”
The programs, commonly referred to as “gunwalking” have seen over 2,000 weapons sold, 700 of which have been recovered. At least 200 Mexican citizens have been killed with weapons tied to “gunwalking” programs.
In December 2010, however, a US Border Patrol agent named Brian Terry was killed by one of the “gunwalking” weapons. Spurred by Terry’s death, an ATF agent named John Dodson (who now resides in the Upstate) reported his concerns about the nature of the program, which ultimately led to the investigation being launched by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.
As the investigation intensified, calls were made for Holder to be more forthcoming and even for his resignation in some cases. In recent weeks, the committee asked for more documents to continue the investigation, but Holder invoked executive privilege saying releasing the documents would have “significant, damaging consequences.”
House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has announced that a full House floor vote will take place next week.
Here is Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) ripping into Eric Holder:

H/t FOTM’s beloved Hardnox!

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0 responses to “House committee finds Obama's AG Eric Holder in contempt

  1. I actually was watching the hearing and witnessed Mr. Gowdy tear holder a new one, and then some extra for good measure. with proper decorum of course.
    Shameful obama is a vile and disgusting puppet, groomed for what he is doing to our country.

  2. Trey Gowdy is the man. He shines. He is about the only one out of 535 members in D.C. I would keep. So far he is one that has held his own ground against the Communists in power (this including thee “good ole boys”)

  3. Good. Holder is as rotten as they come.

  4. I heard a news story that John Bonehead told Issa to back off a bit over Fast and Furious.
    If that’s true, his cowardly ass should be thrown the Hell out of congress.

    • We’ll give him a reason to cry, as my dad used to say…

    • To be fair, I called Issa’s office and asked them if that rumor was true and they said it was a rumor floated by the Democrats to stir things up, so who knows. I have heard it in a LOT of different places, that’s for sure.

    • Check into the House Speaker’s website =
      Mr. Boehner has had a Statement on the House Speaker website – on the FALSE Claims about Operation Fast and Furious – and that Holder should be held in Contempt.
      Operation Fast and Furious has its own section on the House Speaker’s website. All information and hearings can be viewed.
      Most definitely, the FALSE RUMOUR was started by the democratic party and their minions – to affect the investigation of Operation Fast and Furious – by Congressman Issa – and to discredit House Speaker John Boehner – through FALSEHOODS – as the democratic party’s usual routine of their dirty politics.
      In every hearing on Operation Fast and Furious, Democrats as committee members would interrupt testimony, coach people giving testimony – and conspired with Democrat Elijah Cummings to even resort to devising their “own” investigative report = to give Holder a Free Pass – without the investigation by the House Committee being concluded or Eric Holder’s investigation of Operation Fast and Furious being concluded.
      Every Democrat that signed their BOGUS Partisan Democrat report – and submitted it – should be forced to resign from the House Oversight Committee – as it was the means to FALSIFY the congressional record – as part of the COVER-UP of the cover-up.
      Democrat Elijah Cummings is absolutely disgusting. He knows his behavior and unethical conduct and remarks during the hearungs – would never been acceptable rhetoric from a white man – so why should Cummings get a Free Pass for his BULLSHYT.
      We should file a FORMAL complaint against Democrat Elijah Cummings – with the House – and with the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee.

  5. Great post, Hardnox! 😀

  6. good reporting job… hopefully there are consequences for holders illegal actions the gallows would be a fitting end to his inept corruption.,..

    • Hardnox-Utah will work! everyone of these communist roaches need to be held accountable. They all think they are going to get away with their gross violations against the Constitution and the American people. It is worse than a soap opera. This is a grand conspiracy and they are all in it. From the international bankers clear down to the janitors,yeah Utah will be good.

  7. Eric Holder also gave a speech – on April 2, 2009 – in MEXICO – “boasting” about “his” Operation Fast and Furious.

  8. Eric Holder as US AG has yet to PROSECUTE Obama’s ILLEGAL campaign donations from 2008 – from FOREIGN countries – over $300 MILLION – run through a SINGLE Bank in California!
    Holder REFUSES to investigate the “mysterious” MURDER of KAM KUMATA, a Clinton delegate and close friend/associate of US Senator Diane Feinstein.
    Kam Kumata was actively working on getting someone elected as California State Attorney General – who would prosecute Obama’s Illegal Campaign contributions from Foreign countries. Kumata was working AGAINST Democrat Kamala Harris to be elected as Ca State AG.
    Now that Kamala Harris was elected as California State Attorney General – she has YET – to move on prosecuting Obama’s Illegal Campaign donations – from FOREIGN countries – run through a Single bank in California.
    Could it be that Obama has offered Kamala Harris to be his next nominee to the US Supreme Court – and therefore is the PAY-off – for Harris – as California State AG – to not prosecute his illegal campaign donations from the 2008 presidential election?
    Since Democrat US Senator Diane Feinstein is demanding an Independent Investigator for the SECURITY LEAKS – from the White House – that were exposed in the NY Times article –
    maybe we should contact US Senator Diane Feinstein – and let her know we are aware of these corrupt machinations – about the “unsolved” mysterious murder of her friend Kam Kumata – and why Eric Holder and Kamala Harris have yet to move on prosecuting Obama’s illegal Campaign donations from 2008.
    It is worth a try.
    Any other suggestions?

  9. Reminder:
    Besides Operation Fast and Furious – with Holder and Obama ARMING a FOREIGN INVASION – providing assault weapons to ILLEGAL ALIENS and NARCO-TERRORISTS – providing safe haven on US soil to CRIMINALS to buy weapons, protecting their access in/out of the USA –
    in which RADICAL MUSLIM TERRORIST groups Hezebollah and Hamas are suspected of being involved with the Narco-Terrorists – by the Car bombings in Mexico,
    Eric holder also provided EXPLOSIVES to TERRY NICHOLS – that he was suppose to “track” – but did not = 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.
    Holder was part of the cover-up for the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing as a Radical Muslim Terrorist attack on US Soil – under the Clinton Administration –
    and was well aware that Timothy McVeigh was financing a Radical Muslim terrorist cell – in the USA – behind the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing – with his skills as a Bank Robber – while providing access in/out of The USA through Washington State.
    Eric Holder is a Radical Muslim Terrorist Sympathizer – as further evidenced by his mishandling of The Christmas Day bomber and his cover-up devised – that blew up in his face – when our Senators were demanding Obama FIRE Holder and Prosecute him – was overwhelmed by the Convenience of Obama’s Man-Made Disaster of the Oil Rig explosion, killing 12 people, and causing a Massive Oil Spew for close to NINETY days – after the “suspicious” sinking of the rig = ACTS of ECO-TERRORISM to overwhelm ACTS of POLITICAL TERRORISM.
    Obama’s corrupt machinations – within his ILLEGITIMATE presidency – with Eric Holder as US AG – and their Operation Fast and Furious was to ARM a FOREIGN INVASION – and do not think it was not.

  10. Praise the Lord Dr. Eowyn. Thank you for your article on the Fast and Furious affair. All the links to other pages are not available right now so perhaps your article has been spotted in the West Wing or wherever the spotting goes on in the WH. Tsk. Tsk. I know that you are just reporting facts and that this is more of the same kind of suffocation of obvious truth that is going on in the news and news analyst world. The article in Politico highlighting the “hatred” that Issa has for Obama ? made it into my computer so they are the mouthpiece of the moment I guess. Hatred is a strong word and is up there with Treason. Put the two together and you get Hatred for Treason. However, since God is Love, here is a possible antidote for all this, LOVE NEVER FAILETH.
    So there it is. Heaven and earth may pass away, but the word of God will endure…………………………………………………Bye Eric…………………….Bye Barack………………………Bye ………………………………….Perhaps we can hear the sound of someone pulling the plug……………………………..splish splash………

    • “All the links to other pages are not available right now so perhaps your article has been spotted in the West Wing or wherever the spotting goes on in the WH.”
      Alice, I just clicked on the two embedded links in my post, as well as the two YouTube videos. They all work. Perhaps it’s your DSL connection?

  11. You people have absolutely run off the rails. One bottle short of a 6-pack! Have someone read to you the Fortune Magazine article telling the true story of “Gun Walking” in the Fast & Furious operation; “you can’t handle the truth.” Nutsos Factos…..


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