House Approves Ban on Federally Funded Abortions

Here’s my retort to all the super cynics who say there’s no difference between the Right and the Left:
Elections do make a difference. The Conservatives voted into Congress last November are making a difference. Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted to ban federally funded abortions.
As reported by Pete Kasperowicz of The Hill, May 5, 2011:

The House Wednesday evening passed a bill that would permanently ban the use of federal funds on elective abortion procedures, over repeated Democratic objections that the bill goes too far by enforcing this ban through the tax code.

The House approved the bill, H.R. 3, in a 251-175 vote. Every Republican voted for it, as did 16 Democrats.

Republicans cast the bill as a simple codification of the Hyde Amendment, which has been approved as a rider to various appropriations bills over the last few decades. They also said Americans support the idea of ensuring that no taxpayer funds are used for abortions.

The full article is here.
“Thank you” to the 16 Democrats who have a conscience.
Just think, if we had voted a conservative majority into the US Senate as well, this bill would become law.
H/t Patriot Action Network.

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9 years ago

awesome news!