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When does a columnist write something so utterly absurd that his credibility is forever damaged? I am not sure how to answer that in general terms, but I think at least one journalist answered the question for his own, now-thoroughly destroyed veracity. Jonathan Alter of Bloomberg has written one of the most ridiculous, least reality-based assessments yet of Barack Obama’s short White House tenure.


Alter put on his strongest rose-colored glasses and penned an uproarious piece headlined: “The Obama Miracle, a White House Free of Scandal.”
In his Bloomberg piece Alter claimed that Obama is “honest” and falsely asserted that his White House has been “free of scandal.” In fact, some of the incidents that Alter himself notes, and immediately dismisses, carry at least a whiff of scandal — if not untruthfulness.
Naturally, Alter ignores far more than he reports on Obama scandals but he also misses the biggest reason why Obama seems to him to have a scandal free presidency. The Media refuses to call anything Obama does a scandal!
After all, if you have a guy that wantonly lies, that double deals, that hides facts, that also allows subordinates to lie and that fellow is allowed to just get away with it without repercussion from journalists, I guess that makes for a “scandal free” guy, eh?
Alter’s first attempt to give succor to Obama’s failing presidency comes with a baseless swipe at “the whole” Republican Party.

The sight of Texas Governor Rick Perry tumbling out of the clown car recently as a “birther” (or at least a birther- enabler) is a sign of weakness, not just for the Perry campaign but for the whole Republican effort to tarnish the president’s character.

This is a false premise. It assumes that “the whole” Republican Party is using birtherism to “tarnish the president’s character.” This is a flat out untruth. Only a small portion of the center right polity in America has any interest in Obama’s birth certificate. Alter’s attempt to make the whole of the GOP into birthers is simply baseless.
Next, Alter dismisses the Solyndra scandal as meaningless. I guess if you don’t think its a touch scandalous when you have millions upon millions of tax dollars going into the pockets of buddies who turn around and go bankrupt almost immediately, well, what can you say to that?
Alter also dismisses both Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s tax evasion and Obama’s firing of Ag. Dept. official Shirley Sherrod without knowing what she really did. Then Alter makes the silly claim that Obama’s stimulus spending was free of any waste or abuse — the latter claim is laughable on its face. Have you ever heard of a government spending program that had no waste at all?
Tom in NC

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  1. I do not use”birtherism” to tarnish his character. I challenge the evidence presented by the White House because it appears fruadulent. I challenge his documentation since his school records show he was adopted by his Indonesian stepfather. I challenge his birth story because his certificate numbers are not sequential with known births in the same time period. I challenge his birth story because I believe in the Constitution and the Founding Fathers who were concerned with representatives having foreign allegiance. They used the term Natural Born to describe presidential eligibility, separating it from the citizenship requirement needed for Senators and Representatives. Mr. Soetero is a fraud. He lies whenever he speaks. I agree that Alter is wearing rose colored glasses and is still drinking the DNC KoolAid but I refuse to accept denigration and mockery. I am not a fringe element of the Republican Party though you , Karl Rove and Bill O’Reillly may think it. I seek truth. I seek honesty. I seek a government that supports the Constitution rather than one that will destroy it.

  2. SRM guilty since 2008 of being nothing more than DNC mouthpiece. This guy included.

  3. Alter(nate) universe, fer sure.


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