Horndog Bill Clinton sexually mauled Jackie Kennedy

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Bill Clinton, Jackie Onassis, JFK Jr.
Bill Clinton’s horndog reputation is well known.
In an interview with Aaron Klein, Linda Tripp — to whom we owe the discovery of Bill Clinton’s tawdry adulterous trysts with White House intern Monica Lewinsky — said Bill had had sexual relations with thousands of women. One of Bill’s mistresses, attorney Dolly Kyle, said that years ago he told her he had had 2,000 sex partners.
According to a new book on the Clintons, Bill & Hillary: So This Is That Thing Called Love, co-authored by Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince, Bill even pounced on former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.
Bill & Hillary book
Darwin Porter is a travel writer for the Frommer Guidebook series. He has written more Hollywood celebrity biographies than any other journalist, including biographies of Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando, as well as biographies of politicians, including J. Edgar Hoover and The Kennedys. Danforth Prince was a co-author and director of the some of the Frommer travel guidebooks.
Bill & Hillary: So This Is That Thing Called Love has been reviewed by many news sites, most of which emphasize Hillary demanding Bill take an AIDS test because of his philandering and preference for “unprotected sex.” Less publicized is another shocking claim in the book — Bill Clinton had “tried to seduce” Jackie Onassis in her Fifth Avenue apartment.
As recounted by Page Six

“We almost indulged in a wrestling match. It was most embarrassing,” they [Porter and Prince] report Jackie told friend Katharine Graham, the former Washington Post publisher.
“I mean, I was flattered that I turned him on so much at my age, but Bill was just like Jack [Kennedy] in the sense that neither of them wanted to take ‘no’ for an answer. Ever since that day, I prefer not to be alone with Bill.”
The book claims that while Graham didn’t spill the beans, she once repeated the anecdote to Truman Capote over dinner, and he spread the story.

“We almost indulged in a wrestling match” and Bill not taking “no” for an answer sure sound like Jackie was mauled and almost raped by Bill Clinton.


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0 responses to “Horndog Bill Clinton sexually mauled Jackie Kennedy

  1. You lost me with the sympathetic question and excuse making question ‘does Bill Clinton have Parkinson’s’. That’s a ridiculous excuse for breaking the law, acting out aggressively towards women and proving countless times over and over that he feels that he is above the law.

    • Did you not notice both the title (“horndog” “mauled”) and tone of my post? Asking if he has Parkinson’s is not sympathy or excuse-making. Bill Clinton’s satyriasis long predated his Parkinson’s. If he indeed has Parkinson’s, this means his satyriasis won’t stop, despite his age. So if what some elites say is true — that Hillary will be POTUS no matter what — then America can look forward to an elderly sexual-predator as First Husband.

      • And if you are going to tear apart everyone’s comments especially Karenna’s who is clearly not on Bills team than I will not waste my time on your Blog…your tactics are not very nice!

        • Who the Hell are you to disparage Eo’s research and efforts? I seriously doubt you’ve a tenth of her abilities and strengths, and as for condemning us and me, as I near 73 yrs I’ve NO patience w/the infantile stupidity and crassness as you display.
          Troll, be gone, or be savaged even more fiercely by yr demons!
          And yes, I agree w/you: at times I’m not a good example of perfect Christianity, BUT I am a good example of righteous anger, which I believe God allows us to deal w/Darwinian problems, such as terminal stupidity.

        • In other words, according to you, Scented444, I am just to allow a reader to completely misinterpret my post and do nothing. And if I were to explain myself, then you damn me for “tearing apart everyone’s comments”.
          You have a real problem — and the problem isn’t with me. I’m just your convenient punch bag for you to vent your rage. I suggest you get some serious psychological counseling.

        • In case you haven’t noticed, the world isn’t exactly nice, either, and a lot of ‘nice’ people get run over repeatedly.
          Sometimes you just have to tell it like it is.

      • The very thought of “an elderly sexual-predator as First Husband” is enough to turn any one’s stomach.

      • Mike S Goodmann

        Fortunately, we were miraculously delivered from that horrendous fate which those “elitists” predicted!

    • You lost me Karenena by completely taking this post out of context, which includes not paying attention to the facts set forth which were researched by Dr. Eowyn. It is important that people think before they communicate something totally out of line as you just did.

  2. From what I have read, Jackie O. and the Kennedy Family were over-sexed themselves! Both Clintons have a real sex problem, and it’s not funny. Not funny at all.

  3. Bill Clinton is a sex pervert, deviant, rapist with no boundaries! Should have been in sexual addiction rehab in the early 70’s. Gerald Ford suggested he get therapy then! Psychopaths together with false evil charm are a recipe that needs treatment and prosecution, both of which Billy never received!

  4. Some really pissed off woman is going to do a Bobbitt on Bill, I’ve read his thing is so crooked like a cork screw that it is probably worthless anyway! Oh yes the Parkingson excuse is about as lame as Hillary’s concussion!

    • Bill Clinton denies he has Parkinson’s, which means it can’t be used as an excuse.

      • Truly ..your blog is to insult people and not let them give their two cents worth, shame on you. Most articles I speed read and if I miss The word “denies” does not make my post less irrevelant!

        • My pointing out that Bill Clinton denies he has Parkinson’s is insulting you? I’m speechless.

        • Scented444 . . . I thought from your first entry that you were not going to “waste your time on this blog” yet you continue to add your opinions . . . I would presume that you are having a really, really bad day and have no place else to vent your anger.

    • “Some really pissed off woman is going to do a Bobbitt on Bill.”
      Indeed, and, as Bill Shakespeare penned, “Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished’ I look forward to it, but it won’t be via knife, as teeth are adequate.

  5. I’m not interested in giving any sexual predator a break, particularly those who have the history and power that ill Bill Clinton has enjoyed. He is a damned criminal and he should be treated as such. What surprises me is that some husband or boyfriend has not put him down permanently. Such a deed would be a lot more interesting than the continued conversation about his rapes, lies and trashy behavior.

  6. I can’t say there is no woman who is safe from Bill Clinton’s “gentle touch”,there are plenty of women he will never see,but I think he’s more of a threat to women than “Cool Cos” ever was.

  7. His quick dick has caused much grief but her efforts to destroy many of these women afterwards and then portray herself as a champion of women’s rights is just as bad.

    • Two peas in an evil pod, for sure!

    • Rocky, do you really mean only ‘just as bad’?
      To my thinking and knowledge, this evil duopoly are murderous savages [not to demean native people] seeking wealth and power, nothing less! They will do whatever it takes to become billionaires, so they can join the elite 1% of our rulers.

  8. The man is a pig!

    • DCG, you surely don’t mean to disparage pigs, who are intelligent, sharing animal companions, which the evil Clinton duo is NOT! Say it isn’t so?

      • My apologies to the pig animals 😊🐷

        • Many thanks for this seemingly small request on my part. To this day, I still deeply grieve killing Porkenstein, my last pig, who was a wonderful fellow, but I could not support him through our harsh Winters [30′ F below] 35 years ago, and I’d just finished coping w/his pulmonary problems for two months. I hope God forgives me for so many lapses in hindsight… Tears now.

          • Indeed, many animals are far superior to humans — we who alone are born fomes peccati, tinder for sin; who deliberately, with forethought and intent, commit acts of harm against others.

  9. I think Bill admired Kennedy so much, he just wanted to have something that Kennedy had.

    • The truth of what you write is known to us all, BUT while admiration is a fact, it does not necessarily lead to better behaviour. If we lack a moral compass, as Eo has pointed out here many times, we are foredoomed to fail. Big time, in many cases.

  10. The ability to speed read is great except when one loses some comprehension because of it. I would suggest one should re-read articles at normal speed if you are going to comment on them to avoid having others call you on it.

  11. Scented444 you stated “does not make my post less irrelevant” Are you sure you didn’t mean to say, does not make my post less relevant?


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