Hopeandchange inspires new cards

I know it’s hard what to say at a sensitive time like this. How about, "I'm buying!"

Greeting card company makes new line of sympathy cards targeted at job loss due to high unemployment

DailyMail: Rather than just getting a Hallmark greeting card on a birthday or any old generic calendar holiday, the company is aiming to bring some encouragement to the masses of unemployed right when they need it most.  The greeting card giant created a line of sympathy cards that targets people who recently lost their jobs.

I just dare somebody to steal my identity now. It has to get better. It just has to.

With the national unemployment rate staying steady at nine per cent, the company thought there was an untapped audience. 
‘People in times of need with always need to connect,’ said Hallmark’s creative director Derek McCracken to National Public Radio’s All Things Considered.  ‘When the consumers have asked us for a way to connect in those difficult situations, we try to respond in an authentic way and we think that what the greeting card does is offer a bridge,’ Mr McCracken continued.

(Name), don’t think of it as losing your job. Think of it as a time-out between stupid bosses.

Eight such cards are available on the company’s website, ranging in their level of seriousness and humour.   Some are more sympathetic with messages of care and understanding that try to separate the person’s identity from their job.  ‘Loss of job, like any loss, is a grieving process. And so we have to acknowledge as soon as possible what had happened and then try to support them. So that’s where we kind of offer more cards on the, you’ll get through this, versus dwelling on the loss of the job itself,’ said McCracken.
The requests for the new cards came due to the clear need of consumers.  ‘They sent us letters. They phoned it in. They asked their retailers, you know, in their neighbourhood, ‘where do I find a card that said this?’ Mr. McCracken said.
May I suggest Hallmark make a specific retirement card for Skippy next year?  There is already a clear need for that one!

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I have a great idea for a greeting card.
200 million seriously pissed-off Americans advancing on Washington DC from all points on the compass with pitchforks and torches.
No caption would be needed for that. 😀