Moneynews.com of April 15 reports that Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer is predicting SCOTUS will one day pass judgment on ObamaCare.

Breyer told a congressional panel Thursday that the massive healthcare law, like most major federal legislation, is a good candidate for high court review. He said the court’s relatively light caseload in recent years will soon be a thing of the past.

Breyer is known for his pragmatic approach to constitutional law. His prediction is significant because he is generally associated with the more liberal side of the Court, having been appointed by Democratic President Bill Clinton in 1994.

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Doc's Wife

I keep telling my husband that I do not believe that this horrific healthcare bill will ever come into being. I just feel deep down that something will happen to stop it from being implemented. If for no other reason, this great nation is bankrupt, and I believe that there is going to be another depression in our future despite what Barry’s goon are telling us.


Pray integrity and not what The Party wants holds sway when it comes up.