“Honor Killing”: Muslim father kills daughter caught shoplifting condoms

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The real war on women.

Lareeb Khan/Daily Mail Photo

Lareeb Khan/Daily Mail Photo

Tribune.com: A Pakistani father in Germany has confessed to strangling his 19-year-old daughter to death. Asadullah Khan, 51, strangled his daughter, Lareeb Khan, after he learnt of her relationship with a boy he didn’t approve of, according to Daily Mail.
Confessing to the murder, a weeping Khan told court in Darmstadt, Germany he believed his daughter had brought ‘dishonour’ to the family by being in a relationship with a boy he did not approve of. He said he wanted Lareeb to have an arranged marriage as he and his wife had done.
The 51-year-old’s wife, Shazia, said her daughter had stayed away from the family home for several nights in a row and had stopped wearing her headscarf. Further, claiming she was unable to stop her husband from killing Lareeb, Shaziz said, “I couldn’t stop him.” “I have rheumatism and didn’t have the strength to fight him off. I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t,” the statement added.
Asadullah Khan/EPA Photo

Asadullah Khan/EPA Photo

‘Lareeb stayed away from the home for several nights in a row and stopped wearing the headscarf. One day we received a letter from the police saying she had been caught trying to steal condoms. ‘At this point it became clear that there was sexual contact. When I showed the letter to my husband he snapped.’
Khan and his wife Shazia, dressed their daughter in her clothes after killing her and her took her from their apartment to the car in a wheelchair. They then drove to an isolated embankment in Darmstadt; their home town, where they dumped the body.
The couple is on trial for the murder at the State Court in Darmstadt, and although Shazia claims she was an oppressed woman and was therefore unable to save her daughter, her statement contradicts that of her daughter Nida who said: ‘My Mama was not suppressed, she could do what she wanted. She used to hit me with a stick. We were never allowed to talk about her boyfriend. My father used to say my sister should be forcibly married in Pakistan.’
Nida, who was sent to her relatives on the night of the murder, gave evidence against both her parents, adding that her mother was as strict as her father and often hit her and her sister. Nida is now in therapy and does not want to see her parents.
Lareeb’s trial still continues.

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0 responses to ““Honor Killing”: Muslim father kills daughter caught shoplifting condoms

  1. These family murders are the direct consequence of primitive decrepit fanatical religious fundamentalism, executed by parents and family members who were themselves indoctrinated as young children. Whole communities are systematically brainwashed by satanically-inspired imams. It is a subhuman mentality devoid of love, reason, compassion or humanity. The barbarous practice of genital mutilation of young girls was inspired by the same deranged mentality. Likewise, Sharia law, which is pure intellectual claptrap created by morally unbalanced and spiritually-void religious leaders of the past and present. (The same process concerns the criminal mutilation of the penis of young jewish boys).
    No doubt there are some elder Imams who have seen the light and realise that such practices are non-spiritual and have corrupted and degraded their religion, but fear voicing such opinions.
    It will be interesting to see how the German court handles the case. Muslim immigrants in Germany have been increasing for more than a decade and are causing serious problems in the country.

  2. If he is so proud of what he has done to his little girl , why is he hiding his face ?
    Typical muslim assh@le . Proving his limited manhood while killing his daughter .

  3. Welcome to Sharia law. What these parents did, as muslime/islime/terrorist is totally accepetable in their eyes because they believe in the Quran. According to our laws here in the United States of America, under the Constitution, consider this illegal and call it murder. I am assuming German’s laws do also.
    Therefore, what is all the main stream media’s chatter about Carson, etc. not wanting a muslime president for this very reason. The cultures are simply NOT compatible.

    • Did you mean to say…”Welcome to the short, violent, rough-&-tumble life of the prehistoric “cave” man and his “family?”

      • Well stated. Your comment cracked me up because it is so true. Reminds me of the question I posted on Facebook about PP. What is the difference between what PP does to babies and what the ancients of old did when they threw their live babies onto the alter fires of their idols? Tell me again how progressive we are? I need reminded of it often?

  4. ….so he was dissed and he killed his daughter. Spineless, hate filled bast@rd.

  5. what spineless cowards!
    I pray the young daughter leaves that brainwashed, satan-filled, “death”style cult for good and never looks back and runs to the arms of Jesus.

  6. And Dr. Carson is persecuted for making the statement that he would not support the idea of a muslim in the white house. The conclusions I draw from this are dark.

  7. Yep-THIS is what America needs! (sarc)

  8. SO,..since she was 19,then she is an adult, so why are the cops calling her parents in the first place,?..And in the second place, why the hell are the cops telling the parents that she was buying condoms, of all things,.?,
    I mean this whole thing is a ‘perfect storm’ for an honor killing,..But I suppose the cops thought that these stories about honor killings, among Muslims were just Islamophobic myths, that were spread by racists & haters,..
    Yeah right,..

    • You have brought up a very important point . . . . why would the police be contacting a family member regarding the behavior of an “adult” child of these parents??? With all the privacy laws (I’m assuming that the progressive Germans would also be heavy into privacy laws) that abound, it is crazy that this adult woman’s business would be disclosed to anyone else! Someone needs to lose their job, and needs to go to jail for this error. I am left wondering why this woman’s boyfriend did not go to procure condoms for himself??? This is a sad and sickening story. As the hoards of Muslims flooding into Germany continues–I suspect that we can count on other stories akin to this one being brought into the light.

      • Auntie Lulu, us Americans seem to always assume the “rational” Europeans have at least an “equivalent” to U.S. law, but the reality is quite the opposite. Where actual LAW is concerned, they are extremely different. While I’m sure they do SOME things better than we do, I have yet seen what exactly that “something” is. Even with as eroded and corrupted as the Government is in the USA, it is still miles ahead of the court systems overseas (IMHO) from an American perspective of what is “right and wrong”.
        I would venture to say without much hesitation, that their “privacy laws” are negligible at best, and probably mostly dependent on exactly which officer is handling the case. Unfortunately LIKE in America, it’s not likely any wrongdoing of the police will even come up, whether there was an infringement of privacy or not.

  9. When a person can commit murder all in the name of “saving face” there is something “basic” that is wrong in that persons culture. Obviously, he and his wife are trying to “shrug it off” as a temper tantrum born out of their belief in their own religion (which I suspect is muslim). But with the rest of the world watching, it will be difficult for the court to “excuse” this action.
    HOWEVER….. the head “I’m the boss” in Germany right now, “Angela Merkel” is a well known NWO activist, insisting on destroying her own country with a massive influx of “refugees” (whom most of which are not refugees, but that’s another story) of muslim faith, to the point of even tossing people out of their own homes to accommodate. IF she “intervenes” in this family affair, could swing a wide gash in the “freedom” section of German law to accommodate this fathers irrational behavior JUST BECAUSE he is muslim. I guess that is yet to be seen.

  10. I don’t quite like the slant of this article. Anyway, why do these stupid Syrian and other Muslim refugees go look for refuge in kafir countries like Europe and Australia?! beats me. Those oil producing and extremely wealthy Arab states like, Saudi Arabia and UAE will take in these fellow Muslims with open arms – at any time. Because they are of the same faith and followers of the one true religion (in these times of trouble, the shia, sunni thingy will be ignored) that is Islam. These betrayers of the faith, who seek asylum in Europe have disappointed their Arab brethren (Saudi especially) by taking the route to the cooler north. And, must be made to pay for this traitorous behavior. Europeans should be careful of this perfidious pests and deport them to wherever they came from. If that’s too difficult, just push them off into Eastern Europe, like Serbia for instance.

    • “Those oil producing and extremely wealthy Arab states like, Saudi Arabia and UAE will take in these fellow Muslims with open arms – at any time. Because they are of the same faith and followers of the one true religion (in these times of trouble, the shia, sunni thingy will be ignored) that is Islam.”
      You are living in a fantasy world. Those Arab states, most notably Saudi Arabia, have not welcomed the “refugees” or “migrants.” One needs a rarely-granted visa to enter almost all Arab countries.

      • Dr.Eowyn ! hehe it would take a while before readers get to see what I am driving at -whose side I am on. If I find the time to drop in here, that is. Thanks for the BBC link, I wont be clicking it because its not going to say anything I don’t know, already. That aside; I like this site, my kind of subjects, issues…cheers !


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