Honkies for Herman!

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I am sitting here watching the Bucs beat my Falcons like they wuzz red-headed, cross-eyed step chillin’ with cowlicks. With the Hermanator being in the news after having won the Florida Straw Poll, I remembered something I had run across some time ago, but had completely forgotten about.
This is just too deliciously politically incorrect not to share, and I think it is the best idea for a political bumper sticker I have ever seen:

No, they are not from the Cain campaign itself, but they are available at zazzle.com – though they are a little different than the one pictured above.
I do not normally do bumper stickers, but I might just order a few for the heck of it.  🙂
There is also an excellent Honkies for Herman blog which I do frequent from time to time.

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0 responses to “Honkies for Herman!

  1. Well at least my Hawks are close to getting their first win this year!
    This is to hilarious, going to have to order one myself 🙂

    • Debbie,
      My birds will be flying out to play your birds next week.
      LOL – I hope they find the real Falcons players between now and then, because those people who just played down in Tampa had to be impostors.

  2. This is great! Lol… I’d get one! 🙂

  3. I heard there was a sticker for Ron Paul, but you have to hide it in your trunk…..I like Mr. Cain. Saturday Night Live has got it right,
    Cain will deliver.


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