Honey Maid crackers go homo

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First, it was JCPenney with its lesbian Mother’s Day and sodomite Father’s Day ads.

Then Oreo cookies went all “gay” with its rainbow cookie.

Now, Honey Maid, one of America’s oldest and most familiar snack food brand, has gone homosexual as well.

Honey MaidHoney Maid is a brand of Nabisco, the giant U.S. manufacturer of cookies and snacks. Nabisco’s 1,800,000-square-foot plant in Chicago, is the largest bakery in the world, employing more than 1,500 workers and turning out some 320 million pounds of snack foods annually.

Headquartered in East Hanover, NJ, Nabisco is a subsidiary of Mondelēz International, a multinational conglomerate of processed food, candy, and beverages based in Deerfield, Illinois. The CEO of Mondelez International is a 60-year-old woman named Irene Rosenfeld.

Bruce Horovitz reports for USA Today, March 10, 2014, that the 90-year-old Honey Maid graham cracker brand has jumped on “the diversity bandwagon with a far-reaching campaign.”

In one 30-second Honey Maid TV ad, viewers will see an interracial couple and their three kids holding hands, a father covered in body tattoos, and a “same-sex couple” bottle-feeding their son. “No matter how things change,” says an off-camera narrator in the ad, created by the agency Droga5, “what makes wholesome never will. Honey Maid everyday wholesome snacks. For every wholesome family.

Here’s a longer version of the very “wholesome” ad of two homosexual “dads” and their son:

Horovitz writes that major mainstream brands are plowing ahead and all but ignoring the expected social media blow-back, with one eye on demographics and another on survival.

Andrew Erlich, a cross-cultural psychologist, consultant and author, explains,”The big brands are coming to the conclusion that diversity in America is inevitable. This horse has left the barn.”

Demographer Cheryl Russell says some 37% of Americans are minorities and will likely reach the 50% mark by 2044, and marketers are simply responding to the math: “I call it the one-third rule. When you exceed one-third of the population, you have political and economic power that far exceeds that level because you can make coalitions with a majority.”

Advertisers are simply reading the demographic numbers — and reacting. Whatever a traditional family used to be, it is no longer. One in 12 married couples in the U.S. are interracial. American women now make up 40% of primary family breadwinners. And only 62% of children live with their two biological parents.

“As a brand, you don’t really care who buys your product,” says Jo Muse, chairman of Muse Communications, one of the nation’s first multicultural agencies. “You just want them happy — and you want them to know that you see them.”

Gary Osifchin, senior marketing director of biscuits for U.S. Mondelez, the conglomerate that owns Honey Maid, says “This is a recognition that the family dynamic in America is evolving and has evolved. We’ve evolved, too.” It’s all about appealing to a new generation that looks and acts different. All of this demographic change, the new Honey Maid ad implies, is just as wholesome as the brand itself. No matter what their skin color or sexual orientation, “these families that we portray all have wonderful parent and child connections,” says Osifchin. “We want to be a brand that is current. No matter how things out there in the world have changed, the enduring value of wholesome connections between parent and child have endured.”

Osifchin is peddling mumbo-jumbo propaganda.

While America increasingly is multi-racial, which accounts for the increasing frequency of nonwhites and interracial couples in print ads and TV commercials, the plain truth is that homosexuals account for less than 2% of the U.S. population.

That figure is not a concoction of some “right-wing” hate group, but comes from a 2011 study by a gay and lesbian think tank at UCLA, the Williams Institute. The study found that just 1.7% of Americans between 18 and 44 identify as gay or lesbian, while another 1.8% — predominantly women — identify as bisexual. Far from underestimating the ranks of gay people because of homophobia, these figures actually included a substantial number of people who remained deeply closeted.

So “demographics” does not and cannot account for Honey Maid’s “wholesome” homosexual ad. It’s about an ideological agenda.

No. 26 in the 45 Communist Goals For America is “Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as normal, natural, healthy.”


Note: The 45 Communist Goals should more accurately be called the 45 Totalitarian Goals For America. It’s all about totalitarian government control, of either the communist Left or the fascist Right. Same difference.


I’ve eaten Honey Maid graham crackers, but I will no longer.

Processed baked snacks like Honey Maid are bad for our health any way.

H/t FOTM’s Julia


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0 responses to “Honey Maid crackers go homo

  1. Many thanks for this long overdue ‘Wake up!’ call.

    It’s just one more bump up in what I term our ‘Bizarro’ modern world. And of course, there are no conspiracies, just long-term business arrangements….

  2. It’s so insulting to compare the natural wholesome state of being of a particular race to having the mental illness of homosexual desires! God created all the different races, but He didn’t create disgusting sexual deviance.

  3. oh dear God no……. :/

  4. Interracial couples are not the same as gay couples, nor are civil rights the same as homosexual rights, and I wish gay propagandists would stop equating them. They are telling the public (and many believe them I’m certain) if they accept interracial couples, then they must accept homosexual couples. My heart aches for those children who will grow up seeing the homosexual lifestyle as “normal”. They (just like orphans or foster children) will never know the love of a mother and father in a loving relationship who worship Christ. They will never be able to look into their parents eyes and see their reflections, their history, their shared genes, tradition, and love. My biggest issue, believe it or not, is not with the homosexual couple….My biggest issue is with the women who use their uterus, something God blessed them with, to promote degeneracy and deliberately choose for a child that it will never know the love of a mother (or never know the love of a father for the lesbians who choose to bring a child into their relationship) and that the affections between two sodomites can replace the bond that develops between a mother and child. Without those women or surrogates the sodomites could not raise babies believing homosexuality is normal. A child raised in a home with a mother AND a father is not the same as a child growing up in the home with a dad and his homosexual partner. Those children will never know the warmth of a mother’s arms, the softness of her kisses on their cheeks, the sweetness from suckling life-affirming breastmilk as babies, and learn tenderness and love as only a mother can provide. Just like having the father in the home as well…he will teach his child about manhood, respect, hard work and trust. Men and women are not competitors but complements for each other especially as parents to their children. The father teaches the masculine and the mother teaches the feminine and the two make the child whole. The child learns from their examples how men and women are supposed to interact with one another.
    Everything that is going on today: single parenthood, feminist movement, abortion, homosexuality, transgendered issues, trans-sexual issues, transvestites, pornography, birth control, drugs (illegal as well as prescription), pop music with satanic worshiping lyrics, even fashion because women have lost almost any sense of modesty, etc. are promoting the breakdown of the primary family unit or nuclear family…which is based in Christ. Everything not based in Christ is anti-Christ which equates evil.
    We are raising our family to be believers in Christ, not propaganda.

  5. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. What an opportunistic blow!

  6. if that isn,t enough to make one PUKE

  7. Well, isn’t that special!

  8. I was thinking of some names for homosnacks but perhaps that’d be pushing the envelope a little too far here.

    Or, mebbe a contest, ehh Eowyn?

  9. Homos make up < 3% of the population.

    Yeah, brilliant marketing strategy going on there.


  10. And all this is supposed to make me hunger after a Honey Maid cracker, because……? Remotely related explanations welcomed.

  11. Sick & tired of being sick & tired

    These ‘couples’ are not gay. They are homosexual so stop using the word ‘gay’. Call it what it what it is or at least realize that the homosexuals have in a small way (that’s one of their strategies – chip away a little at a time) drawn you in too.
    Also, most if not all of nabisco’s products are junk food. So do yourself a healthy favor and don’t buy their product or their propaganda. Your body is suppose to be a temple.
    Marketing is little more than the lust for money and we all know where that leads.

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  13. My daughter states: It’s like modern art, it doesn’t make sense!”

    …and here I thought Picasso did not make any sense.

  14. Nabisco can have their 2% and I’ll stay with the 98%, if this crap was so great everybody would be doing the same! We just have a few morons that’s not right in the head that wants special rights, but they want everybody else to work it for them. Wake up America, the Romans went through this SAME CRAP, you all know how that turned out! Semper Fi.

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