Honesty. That'll Learn Ya. A Twofer

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~Steve~                                              H/T     Hardnox

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0 responses to “Honesty. That'll Learn Ya. A Twofer

  1. Steve’s not married, is he?

  2. I got a good chuckle ought of these, Steve! Thanks!

  3. Exactimento, my dear GF!
    Or, as Calvin ties together his bedsheets into an escape rope from his bedroom window, when Hobbes asks him “Does your mother know you’re leaving home?” he looks up and replies: “Questions you already know the answer to, you don’t have to ask!”

  4. The first one sounds like something I would pull…

  5. I gotta tell ya that the old Savage .32 semi was my fav personal piece, grandfathered to me. Decades later, I recall James Bond saying he liked a .32 also. I can’t recall the make, but most likely a Beretta. Anyhow, all bets are off after 25 feet, unless yr assailant is on the ground and not moving much….


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