Homosexual Oscars emcee Neil Patrick Harris seen abusing his 4 y.o. twins

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Openly homosexual actor Neil Patrick Harris thought he was being very clever by hosting the 2015 Academy Awards wearing only his underwear. The next morning on Live With Kelly & Michael, he even boasted that the bulge is all his, as if anyone but sodomites would either be interested in or find that information important. (See “The Oscars go down the toilet“)

But even in our corrupt times of a corrupt pop culture and corrupt media, Harris’ stunt fell flat, panned by critics. Reportedly, he’s been down in the dumps about the “rejection.”

Harris has two children with his “husband,” actor/chef David Burtka — 4-year-old twins, Gideon and Harper, who were conceived via a surrogate mother.
The National Enquirer, admittedly, is a supermarket tabloid, although it must be said that if it weren’t for the Enquirer, we would never know about former Democratic vice president nominee John Edwards’ adultery and “love child” with political groupie Rielle Hunter. It was the Enquirer — not The New York Times, nor The Washington Post, nor the alphabet TV networks, including Fox News — which, alone, doggedly kept after and uncovered Edwards’ infidelity, lies, and misuse of campaign donations to keep and house his mistress. For that, the Enquirer was nominated for a Pulitzer award.

Bob Hartlein reports for The National Enquirer that on March 3, 2015, Harris was seen in a fit of anger at his kids on a cold New York morning.
As recounted by onlookers and seen in the photos below, Harris was seen outside his Harlem townhouse, his face contorted with rage, dragging the boy by one arm down a steep set of icy cement steps.

Without his husband or a nanny present, the 41-year-old entertainer had a meltdown while getting Gideon and Harper off to school.

Onlookers said they were horrified by his “outrageous” parental behavior. Said one spectator: “I was scared for the poor little boy because of the way Neil was acting – it was completely out of character. He had turned into the daddy from hell!”

According to the eyewitness, Harris barked at his kids to come down the stoop to the street below – a steep incline of 12 cement steps. The eyewitness explains: “Normally, as a parent, you’d want to hold your child’s hand and help them navigate down the steps – but Neil didn’t do that. He went ahead of them. Harper scampered down to join her dad without incident – but her brother appeared to need extra coaxing. Neil was very impatient – and when Gideon was slowly plodding along, reaching to about the fourth step down, Neil angrily shot back up and roughly grabbed a hold of his little boy’s arm. He dragged the kid the rest of the way down. Neil had a jawlike grip on the child, causing him to cry. But he still yelled at him to hurry up!”

Once on the sidewalk, Harris – carrying a shopping bag and holding a coffee – quickly began walking down the street, leaving both children behind. “Gideon was still crying, but Neil didn’t seem to care. He wasn’t looking back at the kids,” said the eyewitness, adding that the children finally caught up to him and he hustled them into a waiting town car.

In a response about the incident to The Enquirer, Neil Patrick Harris said he did nothing wrong. His lawyer Martin Singer downplayed the incident, insisting Harris was simply “trying to get his 4-year-old twins into the car to take them to school,” and that “His son was misbehaving and refusing to walk to the car so Mr. Harris lifted him and carried him to the bottom of the steps. Mr. Harris did not drag Gideon down the steps, or injure him in any way The allegation that Mr. Harris committed child abuse by dragging his child down cement steps is outrageous … Mr. Harris was merely disciplining his child, as any responsible parent would do. Taking one’s child by the arm to direct his or her movements is much less severe than administering a spanking to the child.”

Do you agree with the Enquirer that Harris was abusing 4=year-old Gideon? I can see snow and ice on the steps even in the photos. I fully empathize with Gideon and understand why he was hesitant and slow going down the steps. If I were Harris, instead of forcibly dragging the boy down the steps, I would simply pick the child up and carry him down.

See also “New study finds children of homosexual parents have more than twice the emotional problems as children of opposite-sex parents“.


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23 responses to “Homosexual Oscars emcee Neil Patrick Harris seen abusing his 4 y.o. twins

  1. Leeann Springer

    Neil Patrick (Goofy Houser) the sodomite, is a nauseating freak! I hope he isn’t doing other disgusting things to those poor children, especially the little boy. It is abusive enough that two sodomites are allowed to adopt two children, and now abusing them in public too! He is a sick perverted piece of crap, and a useful idiot to Hellywood. May he burn! As for the “Academy” Awards” and his bulge, he was showing where his brains are located. Leeann

    • But some straight mother lets their kids play outside or walk to the park by themselves and she gets arrested and has to deal with Child Welfare.

  2. “The National Enquirer” has an excellent record for truth in reporting; it has lost only one lawsuit for a slander or libel trial that I know of.

  3. I’ve already forwarded this, and commented: “What a bizarro world we now live in!” If he continues this inappropriate behaviour[s], at some point someone will step into the scene and deck him before s/he calls the police. I doubt the police would charge the passerby.

  4. Nasty bunch promoted by Hollywood too, isn’t it. Well, let’s see, who was it who outed Rock Hudson? Yep, it was the Enquirer.

  5. Perhaps the weirdo is still mad at being rejected by society for his antics at the Academy Awards. Let’s face it, men were not intended to be “Mommies.” It’s gross for any adult to be jerking any little child around by their arm–this is how some children end up getting dislocated shoulders. People just need to turn away from any projects he is associated with.

  6. Thoroughly sickening. And terrifying.

  7. Prediction: The children will end up being passed around to ‘friends’ for sex-parties’ not unlike Tatum O’Niell and other children of ech, Satanic Celebrities.

  8. Photo Caption ‘UnOfficial Contest’ Bottom NPH Traded Doogie for Dookie! or is nothing but Dookie!

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  10. I guess his fashion accessories got out of line.

  11. “Mommy Dearest, 2015”
    I wonder what goes on behind closed doors……

  12. The look on his face says it all. And the twins are only four years old. he should have put down his coffee, etc., and helped them BOTH down the steps. Yes–that IS child abuse

    • It appears to be a narcissistic personality seeking immediate fulfillment of gratification with total concern for self. The children should be of first concern, and second.

  13. If a man happens to discover that he has a same-sex attraction, then WHY, in God’s Name, would he be intent on adopting children not his own, by surrogate or otherwise?
    Make no mistake: America is under Judgment.

  14. You don’t treat scared 4 yo children like that.
    Gideon was obviously afraid of slipping and falling, and Harris should have realized that and helped him down the steps.
    I can’t say this rises to the level of child abuse, but it shouldn’t have happened.

  15. And the lawyer knows his client’s behavior towards those children because he was there?
    “it was completely out of character. He had turned into the daddy from hell”…so sad the spectator doesn’t realize he is an actor and let his guard down when he thought no one was looking. I guess it’s hard to keep up the appearance of ward and john cleaver 24/7.

  16. Letting Homosexuals adopt or have surrogate children is in the first place child abuse. Obvious he doesn’t have the patience or love to deal with small children. CPS illegally snatches small children from their heterosexual families for less- crimes like having a paper napkin on the floor a few dishes in the sink so they can adopt them out to the real abusers like this guy for a hefty sum.
    As another mentioned, they are probably like the latest fashion accessory to him.

    • Very true…our government (thanks to clinton executive order) literally profits from children (separating them from loving Christian homes [especially young and White] and placing them with child abusers) and once govt has taken the parental rights away, the children with medical problems are then used in clinical trials (medical experiments) and the parents have no say (anyone ever heard of “second opinion”? Well, that move could cost you your kid(s) and Big Pharma profits Big Time…..The way our country treats its children is a direct affront to God. My heart weeps for every child forced to endure those situations, including growing up in households with sodomites and never knowing the love of a mother AND father at home.

  17. With all the real abuse going on, my mother did far worse to me. I vote no on this one.

  18. I still say same sex parents are unfit to raise children…..


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