0 responses to “Homo TV network mocks Christmas with 7 days of sin

  1. Pukes, all of em!!!

  2. Yick. 🙁

  3. You know what ? This is just the sort of thing we have let this Country come to, by not standing up to the slime balls who push this crap in our faces. I have not a problem with Homo’s . Just a problem having their sex life pushed in my face and down my retching neck. If you are a Homo why not just be and let be. Keep your personal perversions to your personal selves and I will be happy not to ask about them.

  4. And what is remarkable, is that Our Lord still loves them!


    • d,
      The homosexual son of a good friend who, at age 10 and very ill, actually had seen Jesus, in adulthood declared to his mother: “I love to sin!”
      I don’t wish anyone to burn in Hell. I prefer to think that by their own behavior, they are consigning themselves to Hell.

  6. We must pray for those individuals who are lost to sin and Satan. You never should want people to burn in hell. Jesus came for sinners and we cannot give up on them. Prayer is powerful and never give up!

  7. I have a lot of friends who are gay, and happy. On the contrary, I do not have one Homosexual friend–which includes one niece, and one younger sister. I am ‘incorrigible’! I am also a proud ‘Filtha-phobe’. And, if I am a ‘bigot’, then, I am in (Al)mighty Go(o)d company.
    It is sufficient that they have betrayed themselves–shall I then be an accessory, as well as complicit in their sin.
    Discrimination begets excellence. The opposite practice, is what has given us a society, which is degenerating at an exponential rate.
    We are here on earth to achieve an Identity. If a person does not know if he or she is a man or a woman, by their deeds and actions–then that person is in Spiritual Retrograde. God has yet to create his first Homosexual


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