Homo fashion designer Tom Ford's crucifix/penis necklace

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Tom Ford, 53, is an openly homosexual American fashion designer and film director.
He gained international fame for his turnaround of Gucci and the creation of the Tom Ford label before directing the 2009 Oscar-nominated film A Single Man. Ford and  his husband, Richard Buckley, a journalist and former editor in chief of Vogue Hommes International, have a son, Alexander John Buckley Ford, born in September 2012.

Tom Ford (l) & Richard Buckley (r)

Tom Ford (l) & Richard Buckley (r)

Below is Tom Ford’s latest jewelry design — a necklace with a pendant of a penis and testicles in the shape of a cross, which Harper’s Bazaar magazine breathlessly calls a “crucifix/penis necklace” — “Tom Ford’s surprising charm necklace: Christmas shopping dilemmas, solved”:

It comes in three sizes, small, medium and large—so at the risk of offending anyone, we’d argue this is no time to get frugal. Large it is, for anyone on your Christmas gift list from the Samantha of your group, as a fertility talisman to the lady in your life looking to procreate, to your tongue-in-cheek Tom Ford-loving gay bestie or to that man who is proud as a peach with what he’s working with.

Tom Ford penis necklace
On the Tom Ford website, the “penis pendant necklace” of small, medium, or large size sells for $790.
Tom Ford would NEVER ever design/sell a necklace with a pendant that mocks Mohammad or Islam.
Any wonder why orthodox Christians regard Hollywood and in-your-face homosexuals with such disapprobrium. (Note: The U.S. media have made “orthodox” a negative word, but the word simply means “correct teaching.”)
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0 responses to “Homo fashion designer Tom Ford's crucifix/penis necklace

  1. These men are pigs!! And the necklace is disgusting and gross.

  2. Queer!!!!

  3. 🙂 Serendipity Keeps on Keeping on Me Thinks!
    Translucent Liquid Black Spectre, Master O’er Blackened Hearts,
    Heads of State and Lords of great estates
    eternities damned rebellious masses under its spell
    do willingly carry out commanded wicked, foul deeds, offensive stench!

  4. What kind of weirdo would spend $790.00 on C-R-A-P like that–even if it were “super sized.” I am dying to know how many dumb bunny buyers there are out there in the world that would actually put out money for something as disgusting as this appears to be. By the way, great post!

    • Don’t laugh! I’m afraid to think how many would buy this garbage all hey have to do is sell it at Shreve Crump and Lowe, Tiffany and Macy’s. The great prophet PT Barnum once said “There’s a sucker born every minute

  5. How come there’s not a black one available? Raaaaaacist!

  6. Great post, Dr. Eowyn. Once again you have tackled a subject that leaves me speechless. When I look at this blasphemy, there are so many offensive aspects of it, I can’t begin to know which ones to address first. A plague on these people! (Oh, yea, there already is a plague on them.)

  7. Guaranteed to be 50% stupidity and 50% sleaze = 100% CRAPOLA! Next it will be wedding rings….

  8. And the LGTBQ/progressive crowd blames “theocratic right-wing extremist” conservatives for inspring islamists to behead Westerners as Godless heathen…

  9. These guys are among the elite who love Obama

  10. Every time I think the far left couldn’t get any more perverse they lower the limbo bar another 5 notches. They have a son huh, I feel bad for the child
    Maybe whoever wears the pendant will mysteriously get struck by lightnong

    • A lot of pederasts in the homosexual community….allowing them to adopt is lamb to the slaughter for the child/ren.

  11. idolatry/blasphemy represented as a phallic symbol….another representation of homosexuality. And they encourage females to practice in their idolatry as well, with the excuse of fertility. What real Christian woman would wear a penis around her neck, let alone a penis shaped like a cross? If a female wants a baby that badly, I suggest prayer….she’d get better results. It is disgusting to associate something so private about oneself with genitalia symbols…. That is the difference between heterosexuals and homosexuals…..heterosexuals love through procreation (reinforces God’s creation), homosexuals lust through anal sex and oral sex (which is the opposite of God’s design and nothing fruitful is born through those acts).
    The cross represents Christ’s love, suffering and sacrifice…which is what every true Christian should want to bear. The phallic symbol represents self and hedonism…which is what satan, using homosexuals, promotes. I proudly bear my cross for Jesus, anyone who wears that phallic symbol do so for satan.

  12. They just can’t stand it that God calls their lifestyle an abomination, so they try to ridicule him at every turn.

  13. Spitting in the face of our Saviour ! What an abomination and mockery of Almighty God ! They will have to face him one day with shame !

  14. I’m sure you’ll all excuse me if I don’t give this flake any more attention than a little crumb of dog poop on the edge of my boot sole.


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