Homing in on Home

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Are We There Yet?

The following is an excerpt from
Traveling Light by Max Lucado

The twists and turns of life have a way of reminding us––we aren’t home here. This is not our homeland. We aren’t fluent in the languages of diseases and death. The culture confuses the heart, the noise disrupts our sleep, and we feel far from home.

And you know what? That’s OK.

Homesickness is one of the burdens God doesn’t mind if we carry. We, like Molly, are being prepared for another house. And we, like the parakeet from Green Bay, know we aren’t there yet.

Pootsie was her name. She escaped from her owner and came into the keeping of the humane society. When no one else claimed her, Sue Gleason did. They hit it off. They talked and bathed together, becoming fast friends. But one day the little bird did something incredible. It flew over to Mrs. Gleason, put her beak in her ear, and whispered, “Fifteen hundred South Oneida Street, Green Bay.”

Gleason was dumbfounded. She researched and found that the address existed. She went to the house and found a seventy-nine-year-old man named John Stroobants.

“Do you have a parakeet?” she asked.

“I used to; I miss him terribly.”

When he saw his Pootsie, he was thrilled. “You know, he even knows his phone number.”

The story isn’t as crazy as you might think. You have an eternal address fixed in your mind as well. God has “set eternity in the hearts of men.” (Eccles. 3:11 NIV). Down deep you know you are not home yet.

The book this is from is a wonderful treatment of Psalm 23. To learn more, go to Max Lucado’s website – https://maxlucado.com/products/traveling-light-releasing-the-burdens-you-were-never-meant-to-carry/

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6 responses to “Homing in on Home

  1. What a marvelous post, TD!

    Pootsie is not the only parakeet who memorized his address. A parakeet in Japan who had escaped from his home was safely returned to his owner after he told police the address of his home near Tokyo.


  2. Wow, tearjerker bird stories, how cool is that! They must have very good memories in addition to being able to repeat what they hear or are taught. How touching for the elderly man!

    Cool photos, too. Love the hat & satchel with no human attached, lol. And the bird on a skateboard, ha!

    As for God planting Eternity in our hearts, I sure wish Eternity would “hurry up” & get here, lol. Per Revelation, there’s a lot of stuff that still has to occur first. Then the 1,000 years after that with More Trouble at the end of that (Rev. 20). And THEN finally Eternity Future — “Forever & Ever” (Rev.22:15) will begin (or re-start from Eternity Past before Creation). Yaay!

  3. I used to have a cd of the Easter musical that Max Lucado narrated, “He Chose the Nails”. It had a bunch of different singers on it, and every song was awesome. I listened to it in my car all the time and gave cds of it to a bunch of people because it was so powerful. Thank you, Traildust, for reminding me of Max and the music I haven’t listened to for quite a while.

  4. Beautiful post TD. Just loved it. So true about that homesickness. And that little parakeet, both pic and story- darling!

  5. Love it, beautiful and heartwarming, thanks Trail, it feels so good to come home!


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