Homeless population in Washington state’s capital increases from 3 dozen to over 300 in 3 months

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I sense a pattern in west coast, progressive-run cities…

From MyNorthwest.com: A plan is being set in motion Monday to deal with Olympia’s homeless population with what the city is calling a “mitigation site.”

The goal is to end the situation with homeless people living tents all around downtown Olympia by moving them to a designated area.

The number of homeless people living in tents has skyrocketed from about three dozen to well over three hundred in the last three months. Some say it’s gotten out of control, but the city said it’s working to make changes.

“The goal of the mitigation site is to be that first positive step for some of these individuals,” said Homeless Response Coordinator Colin DeForrest. “It’s no longer going to be OK to be in the City of Olympia’s parking lot. We’re going to find a better option for you, and if you don’t want to do that, then Olympia might not be the spot for you.”

The first mitigation site will be at Olympia Ave. NE and Franklin St. NE, which is a current homeless camp. It’ll be a first-come, first-serve site, fitting 80 people. Each person gets a 10-by-10-foot spot and a tent. DeForrest said it’ll be fenced with bathrooms, running water and trash cans.

City officials said they’re spending about $100,000 to make changes and build the site. Construction begins the week of Dec. 3 and there is expected to be more than one mitigation site in the future.

Olympia, like many other cities, has struggled to deal with the issue ever since a court ruling said arresting people for camping in public areas is cruel and unusual punishment especially if there is not shelter available for them.

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7 responses to “Homeless population in Washington state’s capital increases from 3 dozen to over 300 in 3 months

  1. I have an idea! Send all the illegal aliens packing and spend the money on American citizens instead. Help American citizens get back on their feet and help them get jobs so they can support themselves. We are the only country in the world that caters to those who break our laws by entering our country illegally. Get the illegals out and build a great big wall to keep them out.😎

    • Or how about most of Texas, Florida, and other places where homeless and illegals aren’t welcome giving the homeless and illegals some pocket money and tickets to one of these Marxist utopias? I’d let them choose their favorite sanctuary city from travel brochures and give them a list of contacts, programs, welfare menus, etc so they can live happily ever after on the virtue signalers’ dime.

      To paraphrase Doerner’s Logic of Failure, the typical leftist’s best-of-intentions do-goodism without regard to the consequences has sanctioned more evil in this world than actual evil backed by intelligence. We need to stop these morons now, for their sake as well as ours.

    • Maryaha, I love your idea, but the illegals seem to be more important than the Americans, don’t you know, last months about 300 illegals, if I’m not mistaken, crossed in and nothing happened? A judge appointed by Obongo is fighting POTUS to let the invaders come in, it is a constant battle and WE ARE THE LOSERS, I’ve become heartless but those invaders don’t belong here, uneducated, poor, they don’t contribute on the contrary, the government sucks our money to feed them, house them, etc. I’m losing faith, it’s inevitable we will be a third world country by 2050. By then I’ll be gone!

  2. look up; “Coudenhove-Kalergi’ and get a clue about why this is being done.

  3. “Homeless population in Washington state’s capital increases from 3 dozen to over 300 in 3 months”
    I have to wonder how long before the Mayor is ONE of ’em.

    • The mayor, Cheryl Selby, lives in a nice neighborhood of Olympia (South Capital neighborhood). She and her husband probably won’t be out on the streets any time soon. She owns two clothing stores. Can’t find what he does.

      Data about her neighborhood:

      Median income: South Capitol: $77,798; Olympia: $54,523
      Percentage of people that speak English not well or not at all:
      South Capitol: 0.0%; Olympia: 2.7%

      Olympia is a sanctuary city…


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