Homeless people defecating on LA streets fuels horror hepatitis outbreak

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Great job demorats!
From Fox News: An outbreak of hepatitis A is spreading through Los Angeles County after leaping from a large homeless contingent in San Diego, threatening thousands of people and fueling criticism that local officials have not done enough to contain the deadly liver disease.
Hundreds of cases have turned up in southern California as well as Michigan — but conditions in Los Angeles, where roughly 50,000 people live on the streets, have prompted deeper concerns.
Reports compiled by volunteer organizations have faulted city officials for not providing enough accessible toilets as the homeless population sharply increased by 23 percent this year.
In a prescient warning, a June 2017 report by a collection of nonprofits called the LA Central Providers Collaborative sounded the alarm about crowding and living conditions on Skid Row, citing the city’s own predictions about the increased risk for hepatitis A and other diseases.
“One would think that Los Angeles, one of the greatest cities in the world, would exceed these minimal standards. However, this Audit finds that in Skid Row, Los Angeles fails to meet even the standards for a refugee camp,” the report said. “During overnight hours, there are only nine public toilets available for 1,777 unsheltered homeless people on Skid Row, and these toilets are largely inaccessible.”
The report noted that United Nations’ refugee camp standards are one toilet for every 20 people.
Fast-forward to September, and the county declared an outbreak affecting homeless people and illicit drug users. The disease also is rising among gay and bisexual men, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health noted in a Nov. 2 advisory.
Los Angeles currently has 31 hepatitis cases – 15 among the homeless and 16 gay men.
Toilet access is a chief concern, as the disease can be contracted by ingesting or touching anything contaminated with infected feces. Homeless individuals without bathroom access defecating on the streets spreads the disease. 
Seventeen miles away is the community of Venice, a trendy beachside haven made famous by a young Arnold Schwarzenegger who once lifted weights in a makeshift gym set up along a boardwalk. The homeless liked the area, too, and the population has grown to about 1,000. The area has nine toilet stalls, none which are open at night.
Los Angeles County, meanwhile, has 42,828 homeless living on the streets, which swells to more than 50,000 during the day when many leave overnight shelters. Most are within the city of Los Angeles, which has a total of 2,800 toilets and 800 urinals located in parks that are open during daylight hours.
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15 responses to “Homeless people defecating on LA streets fuels horror hepatitis outbreak

  1. You reap what you sow. And in this case it’s disease. We are devolving into a 3rd world hellhole right before our eyes.

    • I agree, the lack of hygiene among the homeless and the LG people is the contributor of all kinds of diseases so difficult to eradicate but, let’s not forget the ILLEGALS too have brought diseases unknown to us and hard to treat. Illegals have to be tought how to use the bathrooms, washing their hands, protection, etc, merged all that and the spread will travel to all the country, and authorities in that matter simply don’t care.

  2. So Los Angeles has caught up with San Francisco. What a double accomplishment for the state of California.

  3. This sentence caught my eye: “Los Angeles currently has 31 hepatitis cases – 15 among the homeless and 16 gay men.” Gay men with hepatitis outnumber the homeless cases. Of course no one would dare point out to the LGBT lobby that homosexual behavior is harmful to their health. Let’s all close our eyes and ears and pretend everything’s ok.

  4. There must be a vaccine for that.

  5. several comments as a long-time resident of LA beach communities:
    1) Plastic bag ban in California has exacerbated the outbreak. Before
    many used them to defecate in;
    2) The homeless numbers seem even greater in affluent Orange County
    just south of Los Angeles. Visible as you drive along MILES of freeways
    in Orange County are concrete riverbanks lined continuously by homeless
    3) LGBT have high rates of drug/alcohol use that accompany their lifestyle.
    High fornicators often ignore prophylaxis. There are homosexual subsets
    that intentionally collect and inject HIV-sperm into sex partners;
    4) Law enforcement is often unhelpful and even mean to homeless. In
    Long Beach homeless found sleeping in public areas are FINED $400
    if the police discover homeless have any income. One elderly homeless man
    on social security told me he has been fined numerous times. The money
    garnished from his social security;
    5) Rents have skyrocketed. In Long Beach
    studio apartments that rented for $300 per month, now rent for over
    $1,000. High rents are subsidized by putting so-called refugee
    families into one bedroom with the rent paid by government agencies
    for one year;
    6) Ironically there are many vacant foreclosed homes in inland
    areas of California. In real estate circles, these homes are called part of
    the shadow inventory. Nationwide they number in the millions.
    7) Along the California coast one sees numerous homes that
    are unoccupied most of the year by their wealthy owners.
    The hepatitis problem and homeless problem in general result
    from greed and moral decadence of the elite who care not one
    wit about economic inferiors.

    • “Greed” isn’t the problem, Sloth is. Someone VERY famous once responded to this argument with “The poor you will have always.”
      Giving money to the poor doesn’t raise them from poverty, it merely increases their numbers.

  6. If the toilets were left open at night, the disease would only spread more quickly, due to all the “ingestion of feces” amongst the homosexual crowd.
    It’s almost as if the author of the Bible realized that we shouldn’t be partaking in homosexuality, and that men who won’t work shouldn’t eat.

  7. I see California has a homeless problem….

    • Everywhere with nice weather does. It’s almost as if lazy people are attracted to places where they don’t have to work to be able to survive.
      Indeed, look at the Caribbean: sometimes whole countries are populated by slugs who are content to live in squalor, eating whatever falls from the trees.

  8. It’s all in The Script. In another 20 years it will look like a scene from “Mad Max”.

  9. Damn! Who coulda seen THIS coming?

  10. We had to put up a 6-foot verticle wrought-iron fence (plus an inner solid board side and backyard fencing) around our 3/4 acre property here in semi-rural So.Cal b/c homeless illegals continually came into our yards & stole our car covers/laundry off the line…etc…and made “sleeping nests” & temp. “homes” with them in our backyards ….. defecating in a water-dept.-owned enclosure across the street from us. We had to watch our pool like a hawk….b/c it could easily turned into the local illegal bath house. We advocated for a homeless shelter to be built within our community on vacant land….(I”d rather know where they are than stand “”guard” on my property against them and their waste//petty thievery.I’d rather volunteer than stand guard, and I’d rather have coordinated services for these people than NOTHING for them to do in order to survive other than to thieve fr me and my neighbors and shit on the street outside my front door..) We were shouted down at our small town council meetings. It is a quandary…..I agree….paying for them does not diminish their numbers….but doing nothing does not make them “”go away..””

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