Homeless dog saves newborn baby from garbage dump

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A homeless dog has more humanity than human beings.
Katherine reports for LifeWithDogs, Nov. 4, 2015, that a stray female dog is being called an “angel sent from the heavens” after the homeless creature saved the life of a newborn baby boy.
While rummaging in a garbage dump in Campinas, Brazil, the hungry dog found the newborn boy with his umbilical cord still attached. As seen in the photo below, the dog gently carried the baby in her mouth to a house near the dump.
homeless dog saves newborn from garbage dump
The humans in the house rushed the baby to the nearest hospital. Doctors found the baby unharmed by the canine heroine and in good condition.
Local residents are in disbelief that a mother would throw away her baby to die in a garbage dump. Authorities are now looking for her.
Thanks to this gentle stray dog, the baby boy is alive today.
Although there is an account claiming the incident was in Oman instead of Brazil, LifeNews confirmed the Brazilian locale, citing Univision as a second corroborating source.
LifeNews also reminds us that this is not the first time that a canine angel rescued an abandoned newborn human. A similar incident occurred in 2013 in Thailand when a family dog rescued an abandoned newborn baby girl from a roadside dump.

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0 responses to “Homeless dog saves newborn baby from garbage dump

  1. The dog’s actions indicate a higher consciousness in canines, yet we, as the so-called intelligent species, use dogs and other animals in laboratory experiments.

  2. Another good dog story. I am ashamed to be a human sometimes. God forgive us all. And mom is the sick bitch ,hope they find her.

  3. I hope that SOMEONE had the Good Sense and Human Compassion enough to Adopt Both the Heroic Little Female Dog, AND the Abandoned Newborn Baby Boy who without Question Owes His Life to this Sweet Little Dog. This is proof that Dogs ARE better Friends To Human Beings than Human Beings are to Their Own Kind. God’s Blessings Upon the Lives of the Dog AND The Child, and upon ANYONE who makes sure that they are Both Cared For in a way that Lavishes Them With Love, and Comfortable, Safe, Secure Lives from now until God Himself calls them away. This story makes me feel sick and wonderful at the same time.

  4. Awesome story! God bless that little baby and the heroine dog. I hope there’s a good home for both.

  5. After seeing this , are we truly the species that have evolved ? They maybe animals , but they at least respect their young . Unlike the human , liberal

  6. The above say it all for me, most especially james4vs10, for which I thank you.

  7. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this wonderful post. The beautiful dog is a true heroine, behaving with absolute holiness. God bless her!

  8. Hope there will be some follow up to this story and that someone did adopt that hero dog.

  9. I hope someone can adopt the dog. And I hope the baby makes it.

  10. Considering how many people in the US want to adopt a baby, it’s insane that Brazil doesn’t set up population with unwanted pregnancies in a better position to just adopt them out. There is a great deal of drug addiction as well with people literally walking around like zombies so I wouldn’t be surprised if that is part of the reason for this abandonment.

  11. I’m speechless. Did this child TRULY survive? This photo appears as though the child was way pre-mature…and then thrown into a dump and survived prematurity in a dump?????? To be carried to safety by a dog? (That’s the part I can believe, b/c my “old Lab mommy dog” routinely alerts us to abandoned kittens or whatever…)…Is there any “follow-up” to this?

  12. CalGirl: Not even Nature is stronger than The Will Of Almighty God. Some things are meant for signs and wonders.

  13. I wonder how long this will be going on that mankind is cruel to nature and animals but nevertheless these beings are kind to us ?

  14. The best dog ever but why would a mother do such a thing


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