Homeless cat steals the spotlight at international fashion show

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During the Esmod International Fashion Show held last week in Istanbul, Turkey, a white-and-black cat sauntered onto the catwalk and stole the show.

The cat first sat down, lifted its hind leg and proceeded to lick his butt.

Then, as a zombie-like model in a shapeless outfit walked too close past him (I thought the model was going to walk right into the cat), the cat gave her ankles a swipe. LOL

Finally, the cat got up and casually sauntered down the cat walk.

“Everybody was in shock,” fashion designer Göksen Hakkı Ali told The Dodo.

No one seems to know where the cat came from, but Sputnik News calls the cat “homeless”.


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14 responses to “Homeless cat steals the spotlight at international fashion show

  1. Truly, the cat was the highlight of that fashion show–it certainly was not those horrible shrouds the models were wearing. Kitty saved the day . . .otherwise it would have been a horribly dreary affair.

  2. Man, those are some UGLY clothes!

    Cute kitty though.😇

  4. You can call that a real “cat walk”!

  5. “Every one was in shock.”

    Why? Just a kitty being a kitty!

  6. The models remind me of the old Wendy’s Soviet Fashion Show commercial…. Day-Vare…. Evening-Vare… Swim-Vare…. The outfits were about as stunning…

  7. The cat also had the best outfit

  8. Wow, Turkish surgical scrubs. The cat definitely had the best outfit.

  9. HA HA….had to laugh about the cat “swatting” the zombie fashion model as she passed by. This cat KNEW it was IN CHARGE ….homeless or NOT!!! These models must not give off any human “vibes” at all. Cats, for sure, “read” humans” and other beings to a fault. Our first family cat, a beautifully marked calico of mostly white and black, “Panda” was the matriarch of our household for 18 -1/2 years. She lived with us in 4 different houses, 3 states…and each time, within hours of moving into a new home, she found the “grand central station” crossroads of the traffic pattern in the house (FOR SURE, this cat did so….ironically, finding its way into the “CAT WALK!!!”) THAT was her “in charge” station. IF you’d done “poorly” in her opinion in something during the day or even previous day (like move something she thought you shouldn’t…or…get into the garbage)….she’d SWAT you as you went by. That went for the dog or any other cat, too. But then…she also was the expert mouser, the cat who detested and rousted out scorpions before we even knew they were there, ran off snakes and bugs of most sizes….as I said…she was the family Matriarch who took care of us and kept everyone, even other pets, “in line.” She never bit…her swats were clawless…but you KNEW what she meant. 🙂 Her name, among others, is written on my heart.

    • I enjoyed your experiences with Panda!

      • 🙂 Thanks Alma & pet lovers….I didn’t mention Panda was a stray kitten who came to our apt. when we were newlyweds, during a rain storm, & invited herself into our living room when we stepped outside for a moment for something and left the door cracked.. We came back in , and there was a kitten sitting on our sofa. We just took it as a “sign” (my motto is…take what God sends to your door/your reason to “solve,” ….this can mean humans, animals… whatever …. and I have NEVER been sorry of the times I’ve taken in a stray person or animal or “solved” a hard problem” sent to my door that I didn’t THINK was mine to solve in the first place ….but have ALWAYS felt guilty for the times I DID NOT act in a way that could have “saved” a person or animal by one tiny action from me when it crossed my doorway or path…..).

        And, in the end, almost 19 years later, when Panda was failing due to kidney failure/old age…our youngest child, who’d never known life without her, was away on a middle school camping trip. We discussed this with our vet, & he said she was not suffering, to try & wait for this child to return home. He came home from the trip & spent a few hours with her…& we prepred to take her, in his arms, to the vet to be humanely put to sleep….&, she, instead, peacefully died in our arms as we prepared to take her into euthanasia. I don’t know today if we chose wisely for her or not, but I know that, she was with us, & with this child whom she’d “raised” for his, then, 13 years….having slept with him from his bassinette /crib days &”‘guarded” his bedroom through all his years against “whatever,” laying at the entry door to his bedroom every night–……She waited for him to say “good-bye.”

        • Sniff, sniff. Panda was a very good kitty!

        • This may be very well be my best cat story of all time, as I was tearing when I got to the end of it.
          yes, I do agree that you were blessed and having known her and having her in your life. Whether a cat or dog, such a critter is rare, and yet another reason for us to give thanks.

  10. If it weren’t for the cat, there would have been no show.


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