Home Invader Finds Justice

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Yep, nothing like a good DRT* story to get the weekend started off right.
Via fox10tv.com:
Police say Auxiliary Florida State Trooper Tabbatha Nussbaumer turned the tables on a robber armed with a bow and arrow during a home invasion in Pensacola.
“Absolutely shocked. I’ve known Sean since high school. We went to high school together, he was a great guy, he never got mixed up in anything bad,” said Ben Calloway
Calloway is responding to what happened on the evening of October 10. Pensacola police said auxiliary Florida State Trooper Tabbatha Nussbaumer was upstairs in her home taking a shower, when her young son told her there was a man in the house.
Nussbaumer confronted the man that police have identified as 24-year-old Sean Harris. Police said Harris was armed with a bow and arrow and demanding money. Nussbaumer told the suspect money was in her truck. As the suspect followed Nussbaumer outside, police say he removed his clothes.
According to police, when Nussbaumer reached her truck she removed a gun, turned around, and shot Harris in the stomach.
When police arrived Harris was lying naked, face down on the road. He was taken to Sacred Heart Hospital where he later died.

I think Tabbatha should be up for a community service award for ridding hers of a menace that very well could have killed an innocent person somewhere down the road.
*Dead Right There
(h/t: boortz.com)

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0 responses to “Home Invader Finds Justice

  1. Love a happy ending 🙂

  2. Ha! Ya gotta do what ya gotta do… Nussbaumer did indeed, do, just that!

  3. well done:)

  4. Steve,
    I would have loved to have seen the look on his face just as she turned around with the gun.
    And I bet he said, “Oh, shiiii…” just before he really did, too.
    Hopefully he was removed from the gene pool before he had a chance to procreate.


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