Hollywood Hypocrisy: Leftist “celebrities” who send their sons to military schools

Leftwing Hollyweirdos have only contempt and hatred for what’s best about the United States — the Founding Fathers and their ideological legacy; capitalism and the free market that foster economic prosperity everywhere in the world, including countries like China which, ironically, are ruled by the communist party; and the best and most powerful military in the world.

And yet, when they find themselves unable to cope with unruly and out-of-control sons, guess where the “celebrities” send them!

To the “oppressive” military schools and academies to learn self-discipline and order.

What rank hypocrites!

Rosie O’Donnell

Parker & Rose O'DonnellParker & Rosie O’Donnell

O’Donnell’s adopted son Parker made the decision to go to military school on his own, to the dismay and in spite of his America-hating mom. O’Donnell said:

“How do you really piss off your really left wing and peace-loving mother? You join the military. Parker was like, ‘Mother, I’d like to serve the Nation.’ I’m like crying, ‘Serve me instead!’ … He chose on his own. He actually begged to go to a military academy. And I was like two years of ‘No way.’ Truth is, since he was a little boy, that’s his area of interest. The same way I love Streisand and Bette Midler and entertainment, he can tell you any general in any war, what kind of tanks they had, what the battles were like. So I finally gave in and truthfully, he’s excelling and he’s very happy.


Cher & Elijah Blue AllmanCher & Elijah Blue Allman

From an account in the National Enquirer:

Elijah Blue Allman is the son of Cher and rocker Gregg Allman. Elijah and Cher weren’t close as he grew up. After attending boarding schools and military school, Elijah formed a rock band but soon got hooked on smoking heroin, painkillers, and alcohol. He’s been in and out of rehab “several times” but claims to have last used heroin in autumn 2008.

Elijah and Cher are presently estranged from and not even speaking to each other. Cher refused to even attend her son’s recent wedding.


Rocco Richie & MadonnaRocco Ritchie & Madonna

Madonna reportedly is considering sending her “wild-child son,” Rocco, to military school after he was snapped brandishing a booze bottle.

Madonna’s ex, British director Guy Ritchie, reportedly hit the roof when Madonna posted a photo on social media of their 13-year-old son Rocco holding a gin bottle next to friends holding vodka bottles. An “insider” says Guy thinks Rocco is completely out of control, but Madonna was at her wits’ end over how to rein him in.

Knowing that Rosie O’Donnell had some problems with her kids, Madonna called Rosie for advice. Rosie told Madonna she’d sent her eldest, 18-year-old son Parker, to Valley Forge Military Academy for high school, and it was the smartest move she’d ever made, according to the source. Parker went from being sullen and belligerent to respectful and motivated in no time.

The insider says, “Madonna told Guy that Rosie suggested sending Rocco to military school, and he’s all for it. He’s fed up with Madonna’s lackadaisical parenting style and wants Rocco to have more structure.”

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0 responses to “Hollywood Hypocrisy: Leftist “celebrities” who send their sons to military schools

  1. Can you imagine if we start seeing constitutional conservatives coming out of these leftist families, and graduating from VMI, West Point and Annapolis? These kids may actually be the key to reaching their parents.

  2. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this most interesting post. As traildust said, it seems that the children in this matter rightly have contempt for the Left, wherein they want to “serve” their nation. I hope this attitude in young people spreads like fire.

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  4. Well, perhaps the disease of “leftism” isn’t necessarily “genetic” or caught by living around those afflicted. Case in point, I recently was watching FOX news, Juan Williams was on (he’s always championing the liberal cause:) it so happened that his son appeared also, opposing the view of his father. The son was a young man that any conservative would be more than proud of–made me wonder if the smarts in that family “skipped a generation.” We can only hope that given the passage of time the children of liberals will become eventually “enlightened.”

  5. Great article pointing out the hypocrisy of the “Hollyweirdos” (lol on that word!)

    Can you imagine the horror of growing up around completely-VOID (& disgusting, I might add) people like Rosie, Cher, & Madonna? Pity the children! What boys need are real MEN around to teach them how to act, think, behave, etc. Having lesbian &/or rocker mothers obviously leaves a big gap in that dept.! Children NEED “boundaries,” it’s what makes them feel “safe.” When their stupid parents teach & live out themselves an “anything goes” lifestyle, what security can a child ever feel? If Parker O’Donnell excels in military school, it’s probably because there are SET BOUNDARIES there that, rather than being restricting, are actually what helps people to BLOOM. It’s the total opposite of what the world thinks!

    And Cher not even attending her son’s wedding, & Rosie saying to her son, “Serve ME instead!” Oh brother! How selfish can you get?

  6. And then there is Madelyn O’Hare and her son. These people are looking for someone who cares about them and yes, sets boundaries….because they care about them. If only they all knew to look to Jesus.

  7. @ Jerry, I couldn’t tell if you already knew this by your comment, but Madelyn Murray O’Hare’s son, William J. Murray, got saved IN SPITE OF his horrendous mother! Several years back I saw him give his Christian salvation testimony on TV, beautiful! He has written several books about his life & his search for the Lord, which are listed at his Amazon-ID page here:


    So there’s always hope for these young men with yukko anti-God mothers!

    • Yep, knew that. I just assumed everyone else did too. There I go, assuming. We all know the rest of that story, right? I should have been more concise.

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    Liberal Hollyweirdos can’t control their kids. Have to send them to military school. Liberalism is a failed way of life and it hurts children. Children want conservatism, boundaries, rules, meaning, structure and conventional, same race opposite sex parents. They don’t want to be science experiment lab rats for left wing social engineers. Love doesn’t make a family; mom and dad of the same race with traditional values and their own biological children that they had together make a family. Everything else is just an arrangement.


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