Hollywood gun hypocrites

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This video was uploaded by Mlke Hunt onto YouTube, Dec. 30, 2012, accompanied by this commentary (slightly edited):

1. Hollywood celebrities took part in this gun control ad because murdered children and guns are bad.

2. They make millions from an industry that thrives on gun entertainment and films that glorify violence or trivialize gun safety.

3. Their industry also overwhelmingly supports a President whose foreign policy includes using drone weaponry, bombs, and bullets which kill children (that’s bad, remember) in the Middle East.

4. They also have bodyguards who are very well-armed (that means they carry guns)

Put all this nonsense together and you have…H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y.


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0 responses to “Hollywood gun hypocrites

  1. Double standards…fools.

  2. Loved this, but you know these imbeciles will turn a blind eye to their own complicity. Fools, all of them.

  3. If anybody out there remembers the old “PORKY’S ” movies from the 80’s , this guy’s handle ought to raise some questions . He might be legit , but if you say his ” name ” REAL” fast !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. WHY would ANYBODY want to listen to someone that is told EVERYTHING to do and say, ALL THEIR LIFE? These people don’t have enough common sense to get out of a shower of SH- -! Now they are telling the American people how to live? WRONG!! These assholes can’t even take care of themselves! Semper Fi.


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