Hollywood conditioning the masses for souless transhumans

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From Wikipedia:

Transhumanism (abbreviated as H+ or h+) is an international cultural and intellectual movement with an eventual goal of fundamentally transforming the human condition by developing and making widely available technologies to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities. Transhumanist proponents believe that human beings may eventually be able to transform themselves into beings with such greatly expanded abilities as to merit the label “posthuman.”

Influenced by seminal works of science fiction, the transhumanist vision of a transformed future humanity has attracted many supporters and detractors from a wide range of perspectives. Criticisms of transhumanism and its proposals take two main forms: those objecting to the likelihood of transhumanist goals being achieved (practical criticisms); and those objecting to the moral principles or world view sustaining transhumanist proposals or underlying transhumanism itself (ethical criticisms).

At least one public interest organization, the U.S.-based Center for Genetics and Society, was formed, in 2001, with the specific goal of opposing transhumanist agendas that involve transgenerational modification of human biology, such as full-term human cloning and germinal choice technology.

Transhumanism has been characterized by one critic, Francis Fukuyama, as among the world’s most dangerous ideas.

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0 responses to “Hollywood conditioning the masses for souless transhumans

  1. ROBOTS……………………………….Will Robinson…………………this does not compute

    All they want are slaves , non-thinking , non -emotional drones working for ” the common good ” of the hive . Look at Utah’s state flag !!!!!!!!!

  2. This is what the luciferians think will be the fulfillment of the “promises” of the devil to make them immortal etc.(while also destroying the human form’s original version.) Cyborgs, robot soldiers, “Furries” for real (The fandom was talking about the possibilities of “gene therapy” to make their bodies into anthropomorphic forms as far back as 1996, by the way.) Other transhumanism and far-future plans are actually revealed through the medium referred to as “Anime” or Japanese Animation, Movies such as “Appleseed”, “Ghost in the shell” (both movie and the subsequent series’ that came about from it) “Serial Experiment Lain” and “Macross” and it’s various incarnations, all have themes tied to the transhumanism and futurist movements (Notably in “Macross” (though I don’t recall which movie) a synthetic pop star, goes nuts and commits murder, eeriely enough you can already see the beginings of the synthetic pop star movement with things such as the Vocaloids, the “ghost” of tupac shakeur who looked almost real and an actual synthetic pop star in japan, who is a composite of different females with a synthetic voice, if I recall right.) Other themes like this were also covered in the short-lived western cartoon called “batman: beyond” (as well as a few of the regular-run batman cartoons, in one Catwoman is turned, through genetic manipulation, into an actual cat-woman) as well as the “Real adventures of Johnny Quest” (Depicted both Virtual Reality, and a very creepy episode involving an “organic” computer… need I say more?) and lastly “Gargoyles” which was put out by Disney (explored the illuminati, as well as what is typically called “the grey goo” scenario with regards to nanotechnology.)

    This is just to name a few things that depict some of the goals thereof, from virtual reality, to synthetic people, to attempted immortality by trying to upload themselves to computers, to genetic manipulation, etc. The old goals of alchemy are still being pursued through science, but if asked they likely won’t admit that. Consider cloning, technically it is a form of making a homunculus, robotics to make a “golem” of sorts, GMOs and other genetic technologies being looked at presently are continuations of trying to achieve a Chimera, and of course the dream of making gold still lives as well (remember that news story about a certain bacteria that would make gold from a gold solution?) effectively the goal in transhumanism to “upload consciousness to a computer” is the same as trying to construct an alchemical “Phylactery” (a crystal or other item that was used to contain a spirit). All this is just the tip of the rather sizable iceberg headed towards Mankind’s titanic, if you catch my drift, and I have only named very few things. (I would encourage other readers to look up and get wise to these things as well.)

    Hopefully we will be able to develop proper apologetics against these things well before they are implemented.

  3. All this crapola is of the same ilk as Freemasonry, the Illuminati, and other Satanic deceptions. Recall Dr Weaver’s warning: “Appearances fade; Reality abides!” NEVER be taken in by these self-deluded fools for Satan, NEVER!

    I was recently fleeced of C$ 10,000.00 by my Foreman/Manager who claimed to be a 33rd Degree Mason of their Scottish Rite. So how honourable and trustworthy was that?

    They lie so much they begin to believe it, and therein lies their defeat!

    • Well Joseph, freemasons and honor are as removed from each other as two opposing concepts can be, honor by definition refuses croneyism, where freemasonry encourages it, to the detriment of those who don’t have “the light” of freemasonry, a practice which, by definition, is not honorable. If you’ve never looked at ephesians5-11.org, you may want to have a look at it.

      I had an experience awhile back running into one gussied up ol’ freemason at a local grange, and he was all smiles and politeness until I shook his hand wrong, then his entire demeanor changed into one like he had just shaken the hand of some slimey disgusting inhuman thing. Arrogance, you see, is one of their biggest selling points (besides business benefits and “networking”, not to mentiont he lesser mentioned side of child sex tourism, acquiring children for pedophilic ventures etc. as seen in the holly greig case, and the case against the sub-sect of shriners called the royal order of jesters.), the sin of pride is prolific in their numbers, that and any hapless “good man” sucked into their ranks will quickly find his good is not made better, his good is extinguished by degrees, and he is just a go’fer and money bag for the ticks higher on the pecking order to exploit, needless to say, the low ranks don’t know what the high ranks do, as per usual.

      Perhaps such behavior on their part, is why Poe wrote the short story “The cask of amontillado”?(Although many Poeish people play down the freemasonry part of the tale and claim Poe means for us to judge the narrator of the story, not consider him repaying what the freemasons do in kind.)

  4. Once Again, the late, great George Carlin was right: “They want people just smart enough to run the machines and balance the books, but dumb enough not to understand how they’re being f—-d by a system that threw them overboard thirty f—–g years ago!”
    No one can make you feel inferior without your consent? No one can condition you without your consent. But I see the progression a bit more clearly now: Once the Catholic Church was got out of the way with Vatican II, the Sexual Revolution proceeded and it is making a stealth comeback. With that on the back burner, the New Age is on the loose: Emmanuel Swedenborg and William James got the fire going, Timothy Leary and all sorts of New Age gurus have come and gone, and now NewChurch is one flank of the attack, with transhumanism and Bionic Men on the other.
    It’s like the UFO’s were the coming attraction, and transhuman monsters are the main attraction. Either way, the Devil and his minions are just itching to take on flesh and battle us in the flesh. They can’t wait to get it on! And God Almighty is going to allow this Battle to take place—up to a certain point.
    We have got to educate ourselves about the facts, the battle plans and strategies, the parties to this war and everything else. And we had better do it QUICKLY!

  5. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. This sounds like a branch of scientology, where man is god.

    • cut of the same gnostici/kabalistic concepts Joan, scientology is a knock-off cult made by a fan boy of crowley, rumor has it that crowley didn’t like l. ron very much. l. ron performed the babalon working (their spelling) and other vartious types of sex magic, when one gets down to it, the bizarre truth is that wicca, scientology, and the oto are all based on the same concepts and the same doctrinal tagline “do what you want” (paraphrased).

      Really what we have int he case of the luciferian transhumanists, is worship of knowledge over all-else, thgis plotline is also followed in the anime called “fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood” where the main villain (effectively the devil/lucifer) seeks to gain all knowledge and power, to make himself as God, intent on destroying as many humans as possible to do so, via wars etc. (to make philosopher’s stones, items of great alchemical power, but at far greater cost)

  6. Thank you for the post, Dr. Eowyn. It is touching a subject that is being hotly pursued by its proponents, while actively ignored by mainstream media.

    As the late Francis Schaefer said, we are presented with abilities and opportunities today which we are currently morally incapable of handling. We frankly have no right to the power we possess. It’s like putting nuclear weapons into the hands of islamic lunatics. Of course, we know that would never happen, but let’s just imagine how bad that could be.


    What’s that?

    You mean islamic lunatics already have nuclear weapons?


    Never mind.

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