Hollyweirdos use 2019 Oscars Awards to trash border wall and Trump’s immigration policy

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Such arrogance! Such gall!

Once again, the Academy Awards show last night was used as a political soapbox. Extremely overpaid people who lie for a living, aka actors, deem themselves our superiors in moral judgment and political knowledge by lecturing down to us.

Variety reports:

[T]his year’s Oscar telecast…played out like a response to Trump, his policies, and even his persona, even though his name wasn’t even mentioned.

“The 2020 presidential election is around the corner. Let’s all mobilize. Let’s all be on the right side of history,” said Spike Lee, who won his first Oscar for the screenplay to “BlacKkKlansman.”

Jose Andres, a Trump nemesis, joining with Diego Luna to introduce best picture nominee “Roma,” said the movie “reminds us of the understanding and compassion that we all owe to the invisible people in our lives — immigrants and women — who move humanity forward.”

Hillary Clinton reinforced the point when she tweeted, “Well said, @chefjoseandres #Oscars.”

“There are no borders or walls that can restrain ingenuity and talent,” said Javier Bardem as he presented best foreign language film, his words translated in English subtitles….

Best actor winner Rami Malek noted that Freddie Mercury was an immigrant, and that he was “the son of immigrants from Egypt, a first-generation American.”

Maya Rudolph, presenting along with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, took a dig at the Academy’s foibles and at the president. “There’s no host, there won’t be a popular movie category, and Mexico is not paying for the wall.”

The Nielsen ratings for last night’s Oscars are not yet published. I didn’t watch the show; the last time I watched was 15 years ago, in 2004, when the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King won 11 Academy Awards. Last year’s broadcast was the least-watched in modern history with 26.5 million viewers tuning in.

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16 responses to “Hollyweirdos use 2019 Oscars Awards to trash border wall and Trump’s immigration policy

  1. Who really gives a rat’s behind about the Oscars anymore or about the morons who use the event as a political platform.

  2. I watched a total of about 15 minutes on and off. Given the disgraceful hypocrisy everyone expects, what struck me was the faked spontaneity. But even more so the audience camera shots gave the game away, over and over again—sellout blacks, Hispanics, and their Jewish masters celebrating a new face of America we should ensure they enjoy on their own.

    • I couldn’t bear to watch this anymore. But I can validate what you said about
      “sellout blacks, Hispanics, and their Jewish masters celebrating a new face of America”….. I read an article last night that showed all the ” stars” in their ugly and flamboyant clothes that were for the most part more like costumes, and was struck that out of maybe 25 there were one or two White people.

      • I totally agree. How can anybody watch this propaganda extravaganza. Groveling whites and triumphant blacks. Talk about the “world upside-down” show.

        I thought it was funny what Trump said about Lee. “..if he could read his lines”. Ha, ha, so true. The Odor is running the show. People need to call them on it. Some are and you can see just who by all the squeaking from you know who.

    • Spike Lee the “schvartze” who would never ever reveal the truth about who was behind the slave trade of Negroes from Africa to North & South America, the Sephardic jews.

      Dr. Tony Martin – Jewish Tactics In The Controversy Over Jewish Involvement in The Slave Trade

      • Indeed:

        It was hard for Satan alone to mislead the whole world, so he appointed prominent rabbis in different localities. ~ A Chasidic saying attributed to Nahman of Bratzlav, early 19th century


        Gentiles exist only to serve Jews as slaves. Goyim were only born to serve us. Without that they have no place in the world. Only to serve the people of Israel. Why are gentiles needed? They are only here to work. They will work, they will plow. They will reap. We will sit like effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created,” Rabbi Yosef, Sha Party, Jerusalem Post, 2011

      • Here’s another, confirming, opinion:

  3. I haven’t been to a movie theatre in 20+ years. I’m not paying to watch that trash. And it’s been even longer since I watched the Oscars on tv. I watch maybe 2 hours of tv at night and when those shows are cancelled I’ll be donating my tv to charity. My goal is no tv by 2020.

  4. I love the infographic at the end. It shows how great is the disapproval against Hollywood.

  5. We didn’t let our TV dial anywhere near that contamination. It was a wonderful Acorn night for us.
    I read where some gay guy, Billy nobody, wore what he called a tuxedo gown to resist Trump. How he thought that would matter to anyone with a brain beats me. It was just his excuse to wear a gown and blame it on someone else.
    They just keep getting sicker and sicker. Can’t even stand up for their own beliefs, pansies.

    • Gee, look what we “missed” by not watching! I’ll have to mull that over a while. What’s a “tuxedo gown”. Sounds like a butt plug with a bow tie.

  6. No attention was given to one of the greatest humanitarian crises in the world today. Venezuela was never mentioned.

  7. So, why do these self-back-patting people even CARE these days if our “end of days” is nigh? (And how are NOT their arms all broken and/or awry with all that self-congratualtion year after year?) Why are they even making movies and staging the yearly Oscar/ political commentary extravaganza ANYWAY? Why don’t they stick to their forte of acting/art/film-making? Otherwise, b/c they involve themselves knee-deep in politics……According to AOC, their recently self-proclaimed/publicly crowned ” boss,” we’re all dead in a decade anyway: We should Just throw in the chips everyone and be done with it…including Hollyweird, where it might take a decade for a movie to make it out into the theatres from pitch to writing to producing and distributing. Or, for Kamala Harris….just GIVE UP your health insurance, why bother anymore? Turn it all over to the government. SURRENDER your health, your life, your end of days, the end of your children’s days…….we are all miscrients who can’t make decisions for ourselves, can’t take care of ourselves, can’t use Capitalism correctly….and so, we need to “surrender” to their individual “brilliance ” to govern and take care of us with their brand of socialism. Also, Don’t have any kids, go on and abort or commit infanticide on the ones on the way/imminently in the birth canal today—or heck—after birth, keep “it comfortable” and then “discuss” what to do with “it” with physicians (then, please email us with the ways in which to dispense with a live baby that you might “discuss”….we NEED to know—HECK…we might need the skills one day broadly in our society, the way things are going.) THEN—Kill all the cows on Earth, and the logic demands that you THEN figure out how to kill all those other WILD ruminants on Earth…like all catgories of Buffalo and oxen, mountain sheep, moose, certain deer, etc etc etc. Would just love to SLAP AOC’s science teachers she’s had through the years (unless they identify themselves and tell us to go ahead and slap HER instead, b/c she didn’t pay attention to their directed lessons then and she’s NOT paying attention NOW) —like cows are the ONLY ruminants/ producers of methane?????? They are the only DOMESTICs, maybe…….and are way outnumbered by the wild ruminants ……but, let’s digress a little here AOC….unless you want me to poison or otherwise “euthanize”all domesticated bovines on Earth, and then all those wild ruminants by an extinction schedule…..I’ll have to kill them with a gun….and you don’t want me to have one of those, either. So much more to the absolute CIRCULAR THINKING of the Demorats these days…….so much more dangerous to our healthy MENTAL and Physical existence on Earth, our defenses against absurdity that threatens our existance, the “equal and opposite reactions to our actions” that ALWAYS occur in Mother Nature (what happens to the Savannahs, wetlands, grasslands/prairies after you rid the Earth of all bovine/ruminants? Ask YOUR science teacher—-some OTHER creature/flora who inhabits these places will immediately dominate..for good or bad…and it USUALLY turns out badly, ie, unintentional “consequences….”)….than anything that the “New Green Deal” is schlepping around in their political scams on their “voter plantation.” Haven’t we had ENOUGH yet of scammers and FAKE scientists/geographers/geologists like AOC and Kamla Harris and Pocahantas and the 3-mansion owners of our society like Bernie Sanders et. all…….????? SNAP OUT OF IT, America! …is what I have to say…but then…I have but one vote against the “plantation of plenty” that belongs to these political hacks and promises my working paycheck to “give” all of this to their voters. And, PS…I haven’t watched an Oscar since Marlon Brando sent his own Indian Maiden to collect his award way back in the 70’s or so. And, the only movies I’ve been motivited to attend in an actual theatre for which I actually had to buy a ticket…was the last 2 “God is Not Dead” movies.

    • Good questions. Think of it this way, everything we encounter is a scam. There isn’t any difference between somebody selling you vinyl siding and some politician trying to convince you that their agenda is theirs. Their scripts have all bee passed out and none of them can explain why they say that they want one thing over another. It is simply their owner’s wishes.

      They are utterly consumed with making cattle out of us and getting our numbers down to 500 million, total. Whatever it takes to do that has been approved by the rabbis and its as good as in the bag.

      Their followers are totally unaware that The Odor has been laughing at them for centuries.

  8. Goodey, goodey for Spike Lee–he finally won his first Oscar. Will that satisfy him — I rather think not. I think one problem is that his movies, which I never go to see, all about beating society over the head for perceived wrongs and grievances from bygone eras. Every time I see him, he has some outlandish get-up on, frankly it is hard for me to tell if he is an Earthling, or some creature from outer space. Personally, I find his looks offensive and his negativity just down right boorish. Someone would have to come up with a goodly amount of cash to entice me to watch some creation of his making.

    • Yep, they’re all in competition for that “victimhood” award. He wants you to feel sorry for him don’t ya’ know? He makes more than all of us on this board put together but he jes’ can’t get no privilege!


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