Hollyweirdos fly 'eyebrow artist' 7,500 miles from Australia for Oscars

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Hollyweirdos like Leonardo DiCaprio preach about global warming and the environment, but most of them are rank hypocrites whose palatial homes and private planes consume more energy and emit more carbon than the average American household in a year.
Here’s another Hollyweird extravagance: An Australian “eyebrow artist” named Sharon-Lee Hamilton was flown 7,500 miles to Los Angeles to work on a “brow wax and trim” for four Hollyweird A-listers.
Initially, it was reported that great environmentalist Leonard DiCaprio had footed the bill. But a revised report by Sydney Morning Herald claims that “Representatives for DiCaprio say Hamilton was not a member of his Oscars glam squad and he did not fund her flying visit to the US.”
Nevertheless, DiCaprio is “rumored” to be one of Hamilton’s clients. The eyebrow artist’s other Hollyweird clients include George Clooney and DiCaprio’s best bud, Tobey Maguire. In fact, it was Maguire’s ex-wife, Jennifer Meyer, who first introduced Hamilton to DiCaprio.
Hamilton said, “I first began doing Jen Maguire while they were here in Sydney filming The Great Gatsby.” She usually charges $200 for her brow service in Australia, but “When we travel at request, our costs are covered.”

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  2. I am sure they can get the same service at their nearest Fantastic Sam’s. I see them doing it all the time.
    Such hypocrites.

  3. Boy! they sure do look like good buddies….REAL good buddies. Color me surprised. Hollyweird seems to be primordial stew of loose loafers and limp wrists. And wild eyebrows. Wonder if she does Tim Kaine?

  4. And they have the nerve to lecture us about OUR carbon footprints!?! The hypocrisy of the left is stunning and seemingly unending.

    • I’m quite sure WE aren’t the only ones who see this. WHY doesn’t anyone ASK them about their OWN flagrant abuse of energy when they start preaching Conservation? If I was within range to attend their Energy Conservation gigs,I’d GLADLY stand up and ask them how THEY justify wasting all that energy while telling US how WE need to conserve. They get away with their hypocrisy because nobody PUBLICLY calls them to task for it.

  5. Did they have unibrows?

  6. What girly men they are. Sickening Hollywood.

  7. I do enjoy how the “Climate Change” nonsense crowd reveals through their behavior that it is really just another “more for us, and less for you” scam.
    “For you it is the welfare and dependence of public transportation, but for us it’s private planes and big fancy cars. Otherwise the oceans may in some distant future flood our ocean front properties.”
    An American citizen, not US subject.

  8. I wonder if we could persuade Mexico to continue to dump raw sewage into southern California? If so, I would like to request that they dump it directly onto these peoples’ manicured front lawns. I would pay handsomely just to see it!

  9. I was thinking that the results of the eyebrow artist’s efforts – at least on lenny – make it seem that the artist was a little airsick while she worked. I do hope she wasn’t ill; she was just doing what she was hired to do.
    The depth of the hollyweird hypocrisy really is breath-taking, isn’t it?

  10. Say goodbye to the real men. The metrosexual are roaming the planet now and are trying to convince us this is the new norm. yes

  11. Would you be so kind as to do a piece on the new Pro-Trump Rallies that are popping up all over the US to counter all the anti conservative protests. They are all THIS WEEKEND Saturday Mar 4th noon-2pm. Find the one closest to you and Go! It’s going to be YUGE! 😉

  12. Oh, I am sooo glad that one of us Aussies could help Leo’s campaign to lower the global temperature by 0.04 deg.

  13. Leo DiCaprio is just another climate hypocrite…
    Report: A-Listers Flew ‘Eyebrow Artist’ 7,500 Miles for Oscars (Update)
    From the article…
    The A-list star and environmental warrior has also come under fire for his apparent affinity for private air travel.
    In April 2015, leaked emails taken from Sony Pictures revealed that DiCaprio used a private jet six times over a six-week period the previous year to travel between New York and Los Angeles for filmmaker’s meetings; in May, the star reportedly flew 8,000 miles between Cannes, France and New York City on a private jet to collect an environmental activism award.
    DiCaprio also hosts his annual Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation climate change gala in St. Tropez, France, which requires its A-list guests to travel thousands of miles by air to attend.
    In October, executives from a rainforest charity demanded the actor resign from his position as a UN Messenger of Peace for climate change due to his foundation’s alleged links to a $3 billion Malaysian embezzlement scheme.
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  14. If anyone here hasn’t yet viewed the 1971 (Lucasfilm) movie titled, “THX 1138”, now is a good time.
    George Lucas (one of the chosen people because he has the right stuff) was telegraphing what part of the agenda would look like in our times.

  15. Here is the official trailer for THX1138 And don’t think for a minute that Lucas and company were trying to ‘warn’ the public. They were merely telling the public what was going to happen.
    THX 1138 (1971) – Original Trailer

  16. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. This is so ridiculous and stupid. Considering the small amount of time it takes to groom your eyebrows and have them trimmed, et al. is such a small amount of time. I am charged $15.00 for my eyebrows.

  17. But but but, see how pretty they now look.

  18. Leonardo DiCaprio is a Complete Idiot


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