Hollyweird problems: Actress Taryn Manning slams stylist for her $200 dress at the SAG Awards

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Taryn Manning: Wants to be dressed like a “superstar”

Taryn Manning is a 39-year-old actress best known for acting on the “Orange is the New Black” Netflix show.
She’s also known for assaulting her personal assistant. From Wikipedia:
On October 12, 2012, Manning was arrested for assaulting her personal assistant and makeup artist, Holli Hartman. The victim declined to prosecute and in November 2012, Manning took a plea bargain of one day of community service, and if she stayed out of trouble for the next six months, the case would be closed.
In 2016, Manning was accused of violently attacking Hartman yet again. The victim sought a restraining order against Manning but was denied due to jurisdictional filing issues. The attack was one of several Hartman claimed to have suffered with the most recent abuse occurring in late 2015 at Manning’s Manhattan apartment.”
Additionally she’s now known for, like the majority in Hollyweird, being out of touch with average Americans.
From Yahoo: Taryn Manning made headlines for donning a SAG Awards dress that was only $200 – and available at your favorite department store. But while many were thrilled to see an affordable dress at a major Hollywood awards show, one person wasn’t as happy about it: the Orange Is the New Black star herself.
Asked by TMZ about the choice to wear the Adrianna Papell gown, Manning criticized her stylist Chaunielle Brown for the choice. “It’s wack that my stylist didn’t tell me that,” she said. “Now everyone else can afford it, that’s what’s cool about it, but it still sucks for me. I want to be in like a superstar gown … So the designer got a lot of press. She should pay me a lot of money.
After her comments picked up steam on the internet, Manning clarified her position on Instagram, writing “I was completely caught off guard when all of the press about my dress was about the cost, which I knew nothing about, and I felt used for someone else’s gain.” She added that she loved the dress and is friends with Brown, and concluded “I am happy to be the proof that there is more to feeling confident, beauty and happy on the inside than just a price tag.”
Read the full “clarification” here on her Instagram account.

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0 responses to “Hollyweird problems: Actress Taryn Manning slams stylist for her $200 dress at the SAG Awards

  1. To begin: Taryn Manning, who’s she?
    “I felt used for someone else’s gain”
    So typical of “feminists” to immediately play victim. Since Manning got tons of free publicity with her complaint that she was “duped” into wearing a merely $200 gown, the person who “gained” is Manning herself. And as they say in Hellywood, any publicity is good. I won’t be surprised that it was the plan all along.

  2. Dr. E., I would say you are right. Ms. Manning chose to wear the dress, pure and simple. No one forced her to put it on. Take responsibility for your actions Ms. Manning.

  3. I guess she is unable to recognize expensive when she sees it. She can’t even accept her own decisions. It would seem as time goes on, those in Hollywood participating in all these hissy fits are really nothing but the bottom of the barrel. The dregs if you will.
    Those left with class refuse to participate. ie, Tom Selleck for example.

  4. The tattoo of a cross at her right elbow….adds a nice classy touch to her $200 dress.

  5. The dress fits her to a T -f you are trash they’ll dress you as such, why spend time, money, fittings when an ordinary dress will do the trick, remember the dress doesn’t make the woman, it is how the woman carries herself that will compliment the dress even if it was bought at Good Will.

    • That’s the truth. I’ve known both men and women that could make rags look good because of how they carried themselves. Conversely, I’ve known some that could make a $5K suit look like it came from Goodwill.

  6. You know who impresses ME? It ISN’T some boob who broadcasts their success with a $3,000 outfit,it’s the person who ALWAYS dresses comfortable,and doesn’t waste their energy worrying about style or who spends more for their clothes. If the high cost of your suit is critical for your proof of success,your priorities are upside down. I’ll very much more respect the person who proves his or her success by DOING GOOD THINGS,comfortably.

  7. Her “assistant” should sue her for enough to make sure she doesn’t need to work for her.

  8. Never heard of her….. until now….. thanks for nothing.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell


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