Hollyweird Moonbat Paltrow and her Elitist Christmas Gift Recommendations

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Gwyneth Paltrow rolling her eyes
Gwyneth Paltrow has published her annual gift guide – get your checkbooks ready! Only a rich elitist would include some of these items on her list, which many in the population couldn’t afford (unless maybe, it’s a really special gift or you received a massive Christmas bonus!).

Easy Health Angel Juicer Gold, $4,379: “Absurd, but awesome.”


Tutu Du Monde (for girls, age 4-7), $169: “The ultimate dress-up option.”


Atsuyo Et Akiko Chateau Magic Wand, $44: “Pretty enough to frame.”


Mackage Lorde Kids Coat (for kids, age 4-7), $450: “A so-cute-it-hurts parka.”


Golden Goose Sneakers (for ages 12-14), $575: “14yos know Golden Goose?” (Wonder if Michelle will pick up a pair?)


Fredericks & Mae Bocce Set, $320: “A cool take on an old-world game.”


Hermes Avalon Blanket, $1,500: “If only we could buy these in bulk.”


Diamond Thickie, $12,000: “We’d take anything from Esque, most notably this one-0f-a-kind, insanely expensive vase.”

Hopefully she’s not reading all the mean tweets about her out-of-touch and elitist attitude on the internet.

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0 responses to “Hollyweird Moonbat Paltrow and her Elitist Christmas Gift Recommendations

  1. Gwyneth Paltrow would be totally irrelevant, if it was not for her parents. She is pumped up on her own grandiosity and narcissism. She should think before she speaks, but then, that may be a lost cause also. Some of the outlandish and idiotic statements she makes indicates she can’t think or formulate a lucid thought. She could never make it in the real world. She prides herself on having an “open mind”, but her mind is so open, it appears all of her brains fell out. Leeann

  2. She is an absolute idiot and can not even try to make herself look somewhat normal anymore. I’ve come to the conclusion that not much of any value comes out of California.

  3. I’ll take one of those $44.00 wands. Does it make LIV’s disappear when i wave it?

  4. Oh, boy… but, wait, aren’t Golden Goose Sneakers the same thing as:

  5. I’m sure she and chelsea are very close…birds of a feather…false royalty. Or, should I say ‘royal ego’?

  6. Please juice yourself out of our existence, Gwyneth, and please do it waving your wand, wrapped up in an Hermes blanket. Poof, Be Gone !

  7. LOL Lola! Gwynee The Poo just needs a filter between her mouth and brain. Leeann

  8. Goopy (Paltrow) — just another word for “insufferable.” Even her friends think so.

  9. Join the Paltrow Christmas Gift of the Month Club for true celebration! That is what Christmas is all about!

  10. Hey-I’ll take whatever of that stuff she wants to give me! (I can always sell it and do something crazy with the money-pay the Electric bill,or make a house payment,or maybe get an engine for my truck…..)

  11. Who pays $4,379.00 for a juicer? Who is nuts enough to even charge that for a juicer? Some people could live off that price for half a year… so wasteful.

    • She would have shown true Christmas spirit if she had said ‘instead of wasting money on these useless items, why not donate the money to charity or put it in envelopes and gift the money to unsuspecting strangers in grocery stores or shopping malls’ while saying “Merry Christmas”…those acts would’ve blown me away.

  12. Those saying “Merry Mammon Day” instead of “Merry Christmas” are in large measure the source of our problems today. Pride in wealth and the terror of becoming impoverished turns our eyes from the poor. How can one live by “Greed is good”?

  13. Er, thanks to your precious Kenyan comrade Dear Ruler from Hell, nobody has any money this year.
    We didn’t have it last year, and I’m pretty damn sure we won’t have it next year, nor the year after that, either.
    Now why don’t you just fly your hypocritical red ass back to your home in Europe and get the hell out of my America.

  14. Why aren’t the Occupy Wall Streeters protesting against 1% Paltrow? For that matter, why are all the Hollywood One-Percenters exempt from Occupy WJ?

  15. It all comes from the same Chinese slave labor factories as the ones who make crap destined for WalMart 🙂
    As PT Barnum said “there’s a sucker born every minute”


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