Hollyweird libtard Ricky Gervais promoting assisted suicide for his Netflix series: “I would take a euthanasia tablet”

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From Daily Mail: He has notoriously joked about the most controversial of subjects – but Ricky Gervais is deadly serious about how he sees his own life ending.

Speaking exclusively to Event magazine today, the creator of The Office and Extras reveals: ‘I am in favour of assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia. I know that I’d want it. I hope when I’m ready to go you can just go to Boots and get something. I hope we get more advanced and more liberal, that there’s not all this hate for people who want to do it, all this going, ‘How dare you?’ That’s madness.’

His comments come ahead of After Life, his upcoming Netflix series about death and grief, which is said to be as black as comedy can be.

Gervais, 57, reveals his latest TV character, a depressed journalist who dabbles with hard drugs and thoughts of suicide after his wife’s death from cancer, is his darkest by far and made him face up to his own mortality.

Ricky Gervais smokes heroin in his new Netflix show. That’s hugely controversial, even for him – and as if to prove a point, he takes the hardest of hard drugs on screen not once but twice. ‘Well, it would be a misrepresentation not to say that heroin is very moreish!’ says the comedian with his familiar, wolfish grin. ‘That’s a line from one of my stand-ups: ‘Hobnobs, Pringles, once you pop you can’t stop. Same as heroin.’

Funny, but the creator of The Office and Extras has made a highly successful second career out of winding people up and causing outrage, whether in his stand-up shows or roasting Hollywood stars at the Golden Globes. Now he’s pushing the boundaries in a different way with After Life, a six-part series about death and grief that’s as black as comedy can be – his character even pays for someone to commit suicide in this show. ‘What’s good is that people can’t accuse me of anything, because they know it’s a character.’

Gervais plays Tony, a journalist whose wife Lisa has just died from cancer. Tony can’t kill himself because the dog needs feeding, so he expresses all his anger and grief by saying and doing whatever he wants, no matter who gets hurt. But the portrayal of heroin is still surprisingly positive, as Tony gets comfort from drifting away, into the arms of a vision of his wife. Can Gervais not see why some people might be shocked?

‘There’s absolutely no comment on heroin per se in those scenes,’ he insists, shaking his head. ‘He’s a man in free fall, who wouldn’t have indulged in the underworld when he was married and happy with his wife, but suddenly he’s hanging about with a sex worker and a drug addict because he doesn’t care about himself any more. If you talk to a hundred heroin addicts, I bet you’d find that 90 of them first tried it after a really bad experience. The thing to take from this is that he tries something he would never have tried, and it doesn’t turn out well. He’s not the right man for heroin. Not that anyone is.’

Still, Tony does appear to walk away from the infamously addictive drug after taking it twice, which seems unlikely. Has the real Ricky Gervais ever done the same?

‘I’ve not indulged in that. I believe the injecting of heroin is the addictive bit, as opposed to smoking a little bit in a joint. I make the guy say that’s no big deal [as opposed to injecting]. I don’t want people to think you can take heroin a couple of times and it’s fine. So is there still a conscience? Yes. And is there still a reality and a bit of research here? Yes.’

Read the whole story here.


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18 responses to “Hollyweird libtard Ricky Gervais promoting assisted suicide for his Netflix series: “I would take a euthanasia tablet”

  1. Why wait, Ricky Gervais? Do it, pronto!

  2. All they that hate me love death. Proverbs 8:36

  3. I don’t even know who this clown is.

    • I’ve seen this unfunny jerk once and that was enough. It’s all about normalizing the liberal anti-hero, the wise-cracking beta douche typifying Hollywood and Wall Street, so the shit-eating grins on their faces is mistaken for a new sort of masculinity. In a working class bar you wouldn’t hear a peep from this guy, who in more normal times would be working gay bars in the Castro District if they let him.

    • He’s a piece of sh…t, dirty talker, obnoxious and repugnant, far from being funny!

  4. They can pass them out like dinner mints at the Spirit Cooking events.

  5. Netflix?? You mean sane folks are still watching the Obama/Susan Rice station???

  6. He is a Brit, what do you expect? He can’t commit to marriage and never wants children. I doubt he could stay in it for a medical crisis, he would look for an easy out.

  7. I just turned 63. Gervais is 57. So I was born in 1956, and that puts Gervais’s birth at 1964 or 1965. I was too young to be a hippie, and my parents—to their eternal merit—would not allow it. So when Gervais turned 21, it was about 1985, the hippie age and the Summer of Love being long over.

    Reagan was in the White House and Margaret Thatcher was at Downing Street then.

    So, as my Aunt Pat used to ask, What Gives?

    Let us see how Evil raises its Ugly Head. Bill Clinton came in on “little cat feet” and won the Presidency in a three-way race with a plurality of 43% of the vote. His progressivism advanced rather quickly, and even the Inferno of Waco failed to tarnish the patina of his charisma. America bought him enough to buy him in a three-way race a second time.

    So at this same period of time, evil in every area took the Lenin/Alinsky route. The radicals and revolutionaries did as they were told: They put down their red flags and Molotov cocktails, put on suits and ties, and finished their LONG WALK through our institutions, including entertainment and media. So Gervais belongs to the generation after this (that of the Clintons) and they are the ones who want to hog the credit for finishing the arson job on the barn!

    I have to admit I am not so smart: I’ve sort of lived my life backwards, and I’m not very successful. A life-long loner, I have been a life-long observer. And I observe in Gervais the typical snarky know-it-all Brit—who’s all-too-eager to tell us just how STUPID we all are—who can, with hijinks and hilarity—tell us to snuff it with a Death Pill, because he knows he’s going to whoop it up until he croaks.

    Let’s face it: Gervais, Little Worm that he is, doesn’t have the guts to take the Hemingway Option out. He lacks the self-pity that drove Sylvia Plath to stick her head in the oven. He can give us 50 Ways to Meet Our Maker, but he lacks the GUTS himself to do it, I guarantee.

    At the end of his life, my father went to the hospital and was infected with the implementation of a pace-maker (which had to be removed, of course). Dad died of massive infection 46 days later. But he fought LIKE A LION, and he DID NOT “go gently into that good night.” His reward is great. My late mother put up the same kind of courage in her final battle. Her reward is great. So whenever I hear of any kind of jerk like Gervais, loser that I may be, I shake my head and say, “Therefor but for the Grace of God go I.” I THANK GOD I am not this (alleged) “man!”

    • Thank you, Steven for your story. Yours , and your parents’ lives…and your parents’ journey through their lives and into their deaths put to shame the mewlings of this marginal Hollyweird talk show personna, Ricky Gervais. He could put us all out of his misery by following his own advice. Pronto.

  8. Richard C Youghn

    MASH was a black comedy. This is crap.

    • I think that MASH had it’s dark moments, but it wasn’t black comedy, whereas this clod’s taken Gallows humour to the next level, so he should by all means give us by example his swan song & final show. Go Ricky, go!

  9. Take one now and spare us all.

  10. Let Ricky Gervais take his pill in the Pilot of the show. So his viewers can all watch how it turns out.


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