Hollyweird hypocrite Sean Penn to profit off of gun violence in “The Gunman”

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This is a repost from 2015.

Shocker, I know. Don’t waste your money on this fool.


Hollywood Reporter: “Sean Penn stars as a reformed hitman seeking redemption in the trite action film The Gunman. Taken‘s Pierre Morel may be in the director’s chair but Penn has credits as both a co-screenwriter and producer, and ultimately this feels like a vanity project designed to do for Penn’s bankability.”

The opening prologue, set in 2006, establishes the bona fides of Penn’s character, Jim Terrier, as a tough guy with a soft spot for his idealistic doctor girlfriend, Annie (Jasmine Trinca). These two crazy mixed-up kids are living together in the Democratic Republic of Congo where he toils, by day, for a security task force protecting mining operations and, by night, as a mercenary hitman for shadowy interests. When his associate, Felix (Bardem), who has barely disguised hots for Annie, assigns Terrier to assassinate the DCR’s minister of mining (Clive Curtis), Jim has no choice but to leave the country – and Annie – behind immediately.

Read the whole story at the above link.


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