Hollyweird hypocrite: Jennifer Garner, supporter of gun control, stars in movie with major gun violence

In 2012 actress Jennifer Garner participated in the “Demand a Plan to End Gun Violence” video.  Her appearance occurs at the :31 second mark.

Jennifer stars in a new movie, Peppermint (out now) which is described as follows:

“Peppermint is an action thriller which tells the story of young mother Riley North (Jennifer Garner) who awakens from a coma after her husband and daughter are killed in a brutal attack on the family. When the system frustratingly shields the murderers from justice, Riley sets out to transform herself from citizen to urban guerilla. Channeling her frustration into personal motivation, she spends years in hiding honing her mind, body and spirit to become an unstoppable force — eluding the underworld, the LAPD and the FBI — as she methodically delivers her personal brand of justice.”

The movie is rated “R” for strong violence and language.

Jennifer brandishes some very fine-looking firearms as she illegally and violently seeks revenge on her family’s killers.

“As a mom,” I wonder what impact this film and its violence will have on her children?



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Dr. Eowyn
1 year ago

Hollywood = Synonym for hypocrisy

1 year ago

Of course. They see nothing odd about going from a PETA sit in for lobsters to a rally for Planned Parenthood. All these leftists have jumped on the commie train and they hope to be first in line in the “Gimme Section” when they hit the depot.

comment image

1 year ago

Just like in NY… Andrew Cuomo’s NY-SAFE has an exemption for movies shot in NY to be able to use any weapon banned in that lousy piece of trash law…. Amazing that the people screaming loudest for gun control and no border wall have armed guards and live in gated communities….

matthew kills
matthew kills
1 year ago

garner was born a male .how many woman do you know that has an adonis belt ? it claims to be a church going person and this is true. it does attend the church of satan. garner is an adulterous murderous hypocrite that is deceiving people everywhere . this creep is showing sheeple that God approves the murder of innocent children because the creep is going to a zionist church . i wonder would this tranny who cant have children anyway would it abort its own child ?