Hollyweird Hypocrite: Daryl Hannah in flight terror as private jet loses cabin pressure

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Daily Mail: Her environmental activism has led to her arrest on two separate occasions, but Daryl Hannah’s endeavours away from the film-set were given a perilous twist on Sunday evening when her (private) plane dramatically lost cabin pressure.

The 53-year-old actress was flying to Klagenfurt in Austria, where she was to visit a solar energy facility, when the plan alarm rang out at 10,000m. Oxygen masks were immediately deployed to panic-stricken passengers, amongst them Hannah, with the drop in cabin pressure later attributed to ice on the Cessna 525 private jet’s cabin door.

‘I’m already scared enough of flying, when suddenly the oxygen masks appeared,’ the Blade Runner star later told German newspaper Bild. ‘Luckily nothing happened.’

Fervent activist Hannah previously founded the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance, Sylvia Earle Alliance, Missions Blue and the Action Sports Environmental Coalition, as well as green lifestyle website dhlovelife.com.

While prominent roles in a string of hit movies – amongst them Splash, Kill Bill and Steel Magnolias – have turned her into a household name, Hannah has put her career on back burner in order to focus wholeheartedly on her activism.


That includes standing up against the Keystone XL Pipeline, a crude oil transportation system from Alberta, Canada to the Texan Gulf Coast. The star hypocrite has been arrested two times while protesting against the pipeline.

Daryl recently funded a documentary about a landowner in East Texas who organizes a tree sit to try to stop its construction. The film, Above All Else, premiered at the SXSW Film Festival in March.


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0 responses to “Hollyweird Hypocrite: Daryl Hannah in flight terror as private jet loses cabin pressure

  1. So this has-been actress flew in a PRIVATE JET to visit a SOLAR ENERGY facility in Austria!

    HA HA HA HA HA! There is simply no limit to the hypocrisy of these Hollyweirdos.

  2. Bob McElhaney

    Wow!! I thought she rode a broom.

  3. I am sure that the Private plane ran on the power of solar panels…..RIGHT?????

  4. oh man, I loved her in flipper…. I mean Splash 😉

  5. Son of the Rabbit People

    She was overrated as an actress to begin with. Mediocre talent and so-so looks. Never understood why she was looked upon as a BIG star.

  6. I always look at her and those of her ilk as being perverts! “Do as I say, not do as I do.” ie I want you to walk, use less resources, etc . . . so that the goodies are left for me and mine!

  7. She flies but she wants the rest of us to walk or ride a bicycle. She pollutes the air when she opens her mouth.


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