Hollyweird hypocrite: “Angel Has Fallen” actress who is pushing for Walmart to stop selling guns is promoting her movie full of gun violence

Hypocrite actress Piper Perabo

Actress Piper Perabo is best known for the 2000 movie, “Coyote Ugly.”

I had to look her up, too.

She’s a libtard who promotes all things progressive on her Twitter timeline. She also advocates against gun violence and is trying to pressure WalMart to stop selling guns.

From her August 14 tweet:

“.@Walmart please stop selling guns. As the largest gun retailer in the world, you could instantly change the standard for gun ownership in America. Join us in calling on Walmart to take actions Learn more at walmartmustact.org”

She also retweeted the following tweets:

Help push Walmart to STOP selling firearms and donating to NRA-backed politicians. Go to http://WalmartMustAct.org and print out a letter to deliver to a local Walmart in your area.”

“Wondering how many more people need to die before @Walmart stops selling guns.”

“Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney: “Our officers need help. They need help. They need help with gun control. They need help with keeping these weapons out of these people’s hands … This government … don’t want to do anything about getting these guns off the streets.”

But whatdoyaknow….her latest movie, “Angel Has Fallen,” is full of men brandishing those dastardly guns. Her Twitter background is a promo for the movie.


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Dr. Eowyn

“Do as I say, not as I do”

I am so sick of actors and “celebrities” who not only don’t practice what they preach, but actually imagine themselves to be our moral superiors, constantly lecturing us like they are our lords and masters.


Dear Piper Perabo, EAT SHIT!! Perhaps you can dine with Beto O’ Dork and share a plate


Where do these odd balls come from? But then Hollyweird is composed of that and much more, pffff!!!


They have in common the trait of hypocrisy.


Piper Perabo? Missed me with that one. Anyway, how many “gun violence” perpetrators does she think buy their guns at Wal-Mart? Here’s a hint Piper – zero. So how many people have to die before micro-wits like her understand that legal, law-abiding gun owners are not the problem? Of course TPTB already know this, they just want to take away our right to defend ourselves. Against them. Piper is just another of their useless idiots. For the record, Piper as a name is so cutesy/stupid. Change it to something more..adult. You moron


If she and her faux-bad-boy husband actually went into a Walmart, the slovenly duo would probably be mistaken for shoplifting junkies.


But….I want to get a gun so I can be like you in the movies, Piper…..!