Hollyweird for Obama

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This is a follow-up to my post of Oct. 19: “Entertainers and professors who pimp for Obama,” which itself is a continuation of previous posts identifying pro-Obama denizens of Hollyweird, including Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Samuel L. Jackson, Madonna, Cher, Mark Hamill, Woody Allen, Chris Rock, and Paul McCartney.

(The word “Hollyweird” is a brilliant coinage by FOTM writer DCG. As used here, “Hollyweird” refers to not just actors in Hollywood, but also singers and musicians. It’s a short-hand reference to denizens of America’s pop culture, especially those whom the media call “celebrities”.)

The upcoming Nov. 6 election marks a cross-roads point: Either America turns away from the Cult of Obama, or our country will hurtle even faster down the road of ruinage, from which we may never recover.

Those who support Obama are enemies of America. But behavior has consequences. After we win, I will compile a list of all the big names who supported Obama and the Democrats, for the purpose of identifying those who should be shunned.

Here’s one-hit (Basic Instinct, 1992) actress Sharon Stone wearing a shoulder bag with Obama’s face plastered all over it:

Singer Katy Perry performed at an Obama rally in Las Vegas on Oct. 23, 2012, wearing a grotesque skin-tight white latex “ballot” dress:

Sarah Jessica Parker wears a huge Obama button on her lapel:

Eva Longoria wears a smaller “Hispanics for Obama” lapel button:

Beyonce wears huge Obama hoop earrings:

H/t Daily Mail

Update: There is at least one self-described “liberal” actor, Rob Schneider, who says although he had voted for Obama in 2008, he’s not doing it again because Obama is a “crappy president.” You go, Schneider!


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0 responses to “Hollyweird for Obama

  1. Hollyweird stopped getting my money many, many years ago.

    • It’s been 15 years since I paid to see these traitors, I don’t rent or buy the movies, they don’t deserve my money! these idiots have more money than brains! the democrats can the whole bunch!

  2. All of these people have contributed to the moral downfall of America through their stupid movies, tv shows and so called music! They long ago sold out this country for money. They picked the right president to continue the destruction!

  3. They’re all a bunch of egomaniacs and narcissistic morons who have far too much clout and far too many stupid fans.

  4. Note to self; buy more Zombie rounds…

  5. Now you can add Edward Norton to the list, if he’s not already there. I read on Breitbart where he just made a pro-obama, pro-big government video…another one bites the dust….

  6. Attention Hollywood! I will never attend, buy, rent, support in anyway the Hollywood leftists, which is most of Hollywood, these people live in a fantasy world and couldn’t care less about America! I used to love going to the movies, no more!

  7. I agree with everyone of the above comments


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