Hmmm… 2.0

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Boys and girls, let’s play “Body Language: Compare and Contrast” !!!!

Source: IOwntheWorld
On second thought, I’d do the same if I had to kiss Moochelle….
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0 responses to “Hmmm… 2.0

  1. Wow, if this isn’t revealing! The truth always comes out, doesn’t it!

  2. Skippy loves the men, who woulda thought that!

  3. scam marriage… skippy likes the boys.

  4. LOL – At least we know that Bill Clinton liked girls.

  5. He enjoys the, “come here and lemme give ya a big hug” kind of approach “literally” doesn’t he? Lol…

  6. Maybe Michelle knows something we don’t know. She certainly is keeping a safe distance nowadays.


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