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With mom (Stanley Ann Dunham) and half-sister


With Emanuel the ballerina

with the beard

Photos from Granny Jan’s The Ultimate Light in the Loafers Obama Photo Collection.
Then, there are these all-time faves from FOTM’s collection:

I feel pretty...with carefully manicured nails!


Gabbing with the girls

Oh, will we ever see a President of the United States on a girl's bike again?

A picture really is worth a thousand words!


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0 responses to “Hmmm….

  1. Nice going, America.

  2. There’s some dominant “Y” chromosomes in action here.

  3. ROFL! Awesome.

  4. To quote Jerry Seinfeld et al, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that…..”

  5. Thinking about that “Man Country” article awhile back and poor Larry Sinclair and seeing these pics…I think there is a definite leaning in that direction.
    and in answer to Clifton…if this guy was straight up, “transparent”, heck…HONEST, about anything, I don’t think people who care much if he leaned a bit that way but his completely occult persona and his flaming, screaming ineptitude, narcissism and arrogance while at the same time appearing effete and whiny doesn’t help when what is needed right now is leadership, strength and probably an overabundance of testosterone.
    It’s not so much “gayness” but nelly-ness”
    I don’t think America is in the mood for a queen.

    • This is Clifton Lee West’s comment that Artist is referencing, which I inadvertently had deleted to spam:
      “Now I don’t know about others, but these pictures indicate that this person really likes to have his picture taken. If mannerisms were a crime, I would be as guilty as the next person and have been questioned at various times in my life as to my sexuality. My answer all the time, and anytime, was “what are you asking and why?” I am not and never have had any inclination to have a relationship with another man. For all we know, Barack Obama might feel the same way, but for the fact that he stated that he had a “period” where he engaged in homosexual interaction. I doubt that anyone who is not homosexual would have even one interaction, so my opinion would be that he is bi-sexual and there are millions of people who are the same. When I was much younger, especially before I married my wife, I was approached quite often by men who wanted to “interact.” I simply told them to find someone else. “Who would know?” “I would know, and it would haunt me forever!” Whether Barack Obama is gay, or not, should have no effect on his doing his job, which, unfortunately, he isn’t doing, at least as far as I can see. I am sure there are plenty of Liberal/Progressives who think he is peachy-keen, poor fools.”

  6. hmmmmm,you knowin what i’m knowin? ewww.

  7. Yes but I doubt that you, Clifton, were a member of the “Down Low Club” in Chicago. Further more, Obama was engaging with Larry Sinclair WHILE married. I think Michelle has more testosterone than he does, she is a beard.


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