"Hitler's Pope" is a Communist Fiction

Pope Pius XII

There are at least three big fictions or lies about Hitler and the Nazis:

  • The first is that the Catholic Church, especially then-Pope Pius XII, stood by and did nothing to stop the Holocaust or to help the Jews;
  • The second fiction is that the Nazis were Christians and it was their Christianity that motivated their anti-Semitism;
  • The third fiction is that the Nazis did not just target Jews, there was a gay Holocaust as well.

Today, I’ll tackle the first lie — that Pope Pius XII was callous, indifferent, and stood idly by while the Nazis exterminated 6 million Jews. This fiction is so entrenched that someone even wrote a book with the provocative title of Hitler’s Pope.
Happily, that book prodded others to look into history. First, there was David G. Dalin’s outstanding rebuttal, The Myth of Hitler’s Pope. The latest effort is that of Gary Krupp, a self-identified Jew who had believed Pius XII to be a Nazi sympathizer and an anti-Semite. Krupp admitted that he “never dreamt I would be defending the man…. But my work since 2002…has led me to this point.”
In an article, “Friend to the Jews,” for the New York Post on December 28, 2009, Krupp wrote what his years of research in documentary evidence and eyewitness testimony uncovered. Simply put, “the facts simply don’t match what so many have come to believe about Pius.”
Instead, Krupp was “shocked” to find “nothing but praise and positive news articles concerning Pius’ actions from every Jewish, Israeli and political leader of the era who lived through the war.” Albert Einstein, Golda Meir, the chief rabbi of Palestine, the chief rabbi of Rome and the heads of every Jewish organization all showered praise upon Pius XII during his lifetime.
Krupp unequivocally stated that: “It is unquestionable that Pius XII intervened to save countless Jews at a time most nations — even FDR’s America — refused to accept these refugees. He issued false baptismal papers and obtained visas for them to emigrate as ‘Non Aryan Catholic-Jews.’ He smuggled Jews into the Americas and Asia. He ordered the lifting of cloister for men and women to enter monasteries, convents and churches to hide 7,000 Jews of Rome in a single day.” Pinchas Lapide, a Jewish historian, theologian and Israeli ambassador, concluded that the actions and policies of Pius XII saved as many as 860,000 Jews.
Far from being an anti-Semite, Pius XII was “a lifelong friend of the Jews.” Here are some highlights:

  • In 1917, at the request of World Zionist Organization Director Nachum Sokolow, Nuncio Pacelli (who later became Pope Pius XII) intervened with the Germans to protect the Jews of Palestine from extermination by the Ottoman Turks.
  • In 1925, Pacelli arranged for Sokolow to meet with Pope Benedict XV to discuss a Jewish homeland in Palestine.
  • In 1930, Pacelli supported the German bishops’ orders excommunicating anyone who joined “the Hitler Party.”
  • In 1938, Pacelli intervened to defeat a Polish anti-koshering law.
  • In 1939, A.W. Klieforth, the US consul general based in Cologne, Germany, wrote a confidential letter to Washington reporting on the “extremeness” of Pacelli’s hatred of National Socialism and of Hitler.
  • In 1947, at the United Nations, Pius XII encouraged the 17 Catholic countries out of the 33 in favor to vote for the partitioning of Palestine to create the State of Israel.

In fact, the Nazis were so enraged by the opposition of Pius XII and the Catholic Church that they hatched a plan to kidnap Pius, kill countless cardinals and seize the Vatican.
So from whence came the fiction of the pope being indifferent to the fate of Jews?
Krupp found that it wasn’t until 1963, five years after Pius died, “that accusations began flowing that he had failed to act, that he was a cold-hearted Nazi sympathizer who couldn’t care less about the Jewish people.”
And who was it that made these false malicious accusations? Why, none other than the Communists! In Krupp’s words:

The evidence strongly suggests this was part of a KGB-directed and -financed bid to smear Pius, a Soviet disinformation campaign meant to discredit the Catholic Church, which at that time was profoundly anti-Communist.

Now you know the truth! To read Krupp’s article, CLICK HERE.

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10 years ago

Thank you Eowyn for proclaiming this truth! And, thousands and thousands of Catholics died, laity and clergy, at the hands of the Nazis for their defense of life and of the Jews, for their defense of what is right. In fact, the Catholic Church performed much underground work as you set out above and Catholic Bishops publicly proclaimed the actions of Hitler to be truly evil, which motivated the murder of Catholics.

5 years ago

But the first government to recognize the new Reichkanzler made a contract which gives the Roman Catholic church control over theology and to a lesser extent philosophy on German state universities.

5 years ago

While Pope Pius XII was helping the Jews escape, his Secretary of State, Giovanni Battista Enrico Antonio Maria Montini (later known as “pope” Paul VI) was sharing the underground whereabouts of the priests with the communist leaders enabling their capture. Once that information came to the attention of Pope Pius XII (who was devasted and remained in his room for 3 days), Montini was immediately demoted and sent to Milan to serve as Archbishop whereby insuring he would never be Cardinal (or so Pope Pius believed). The Movie “The Scarlett and The Black” was an excellent depiction of the work… Read more »