Hitler Finds Out Obama Ate His Dog

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(h/t: Neal Boortz)

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0 responses to “Hitler Finds Out Obama Ate His Dog

  1. ROFL !
    I just never get tired of these Hitler spoof videos. 😀

  2. lowtechgrannie

    Glad you posted this, Dave! Through Amazon’s “search inside feature” I just checked and found Obama’s description of eating dog meat at the top of Page 37 in the Hardback version of “Dreams of My Father.”

    • LTG,
      LOL – Yeah, the lefties thought they were going to get some traction out of Romney’s dog-on-the-roof story, only to have this blow up in their faces.
      My guess is most members of the left have never bothered to read Obama’s book.

      • lowtechgrannie

        In the book, his stepfather Lolo believed you would take on the characteristics of the animal you ate. I think of that everytime I see Obama scratch his ear. LOL!

  3. You are so right, Dave ! Such a darned shame that everyone who voted in the last election had not read his book first, because I believe many of them would have changed their minds after learning more about him.

  4. Hilarious!

  5. Everyone, be sure you watch this video with an Obamabot sitting next to you. It will funny watching the blood boil while you roll on the floor, laughing hard.

  6. johnsonray94@yahoo.com

    A boy being feed something to eat by his parents, a grown man putting a live dog on the roof of a car(a boy- a man) get it.

    • Actually what I do “get” is that Obama’s senior advisor David Axelrod’s little ploy to make Romney’s dog a campaign issue blew up in their faces. Get it?

      • Romney, while he’s putting his dog on the roof of the car, should have used the cage for hanging his magic underwear. Now, if he had put his wife in the cage on top of the car, and let the dog sit in the car, then he would have had a problem.
        Either way, both are pathetic excuses for President. Romney will be worse than Obama; if that is possible. Either one will treat all of us like idiots and slaves.
        The Tea Party types got screwed over by the checker-pant Republicrats.
        The only thing that changes is the calendar.

        • Dear me—I don’t see how you can draw these conclusions about Romney. And it’s a cheap shot referencing his religion-at least he’s not Muslim. While I don’t personally embrace their beliefs, Mormons are good citizens- I’ve known them as neighbors & worked with a fair share of them. Nobody could be worse than Obama–well, let’s hope not anyway–but I thinkRomney will be an improvement- by a longshot- over the present occupier of the WH. I do feel that everyone who gets elected is selected (and not by the voters–) and ultimately, they serve the same puppet masters. It’s a matter of a slow slide or rapid decline.

    • That dog was very secure in an enclosed kennel-probably enjoyed the ride. Romney did nothing to endanger his dog. Get over it !

  7. Someone made a comment on YouTube, saying David Axelrod looks a lot like Hitler.


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